12 October

Indian Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different sizes, shapes, colours and styles, but they all are as beautiful as the next piece.

Indian costume jewellery is no different, except there are certain costume jewellery pieces that are worn that you would not otherwise see worn in the western world. For example, a hair accessory can be worn that dangles from the top of your head onto your forehead and is called a hair tikka. This gorgeous piece of jewellery is normally worn on very special occasions like your wedding day or if you are a bridesmaid at a wedding.

In addition, a costume jewellery piece called “panja” or “finger ring” can also be worn and is traditionally again worn on special occasions including again as bridal jewellery or as bridesmaid’s jewellery. This is a ring that is attached to a bracelet.

As far as Asian fashion jewellery goes the bigger the better! And also the more colourful the better. Costume jewellery is fabulous to wear on any occasion but on an Indian wedding day costume jewellery can’t be any more fabulous!


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