Making your hair look fabulous on your wedding day or any other day for that matter is a priority for all of us. But what if you’re not born with Mischa Barton style luscious locks, or Jessica Simpson’s gorgeous silky blonde hair?!

The best alternative is to try hair extensions or even hair wigs. HotHair is the U.K.’s largest retailers of gorgeous wigs and hair extensions, and come in various cuts and colours.

If you regularly colour your hair a great option is hair extensions or wigs. Most celebrities use this method over dying their hair for movie roles or the red carpet. For example, Lindsey Lohan regularly changes her hair colour from red, to blonde to chocolate brown! But thanks to HotHair we can all have fabulous healthy looking hair styles

My favourite type of hair extension are the clip on type as they can easily be put on by yourself with no help needed, and are not as expensive as the ones that hairdressers put in for you. Or for a one off new look, try a Jessica Simpson wig which is sure to impress! And add a hair slide or two to really add glamour to your style.

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