30 August

How to identify the quality of your jewellery

Jewellery can often be very hard to assess in terms of quality, especially costume jewellery.

This article will give a few pointers of what you should look out for to know what the quality is of the jewellery you are buying.

1) Have a look at the store/website, and see what details you get on each of the products. Where are they made? what material is used?

2) When you get the products, take a look at the quality yourself, does it look well made, look like what you ordered?

3) Whats the return policy for where you are shopping? If the quality is good, then the store will offer easy returns for customers.

4) Look at blogs/Online/other stores, and compare prices, this is a good way to assess the price/quality check.

Hope the above helps! if you have any questions feel free to reply to this post!

Love, Shefaly

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