22 October

How to choose the perfect pair of cufflinks

Cufflinks are a stunning gift to give to a man for any occasion. As far as costume jewellery goes for men, you can’t get anything better than cuff links. But how do you know what type of cufflinks to choose for a man? We are here to give you some help on this topic!

The understated look

For the man who is quiet shy and doesn’t like to stand out in a crowd too much, you are better off going for a classic pair of metal cufflinks. These can have a couple of Swarovski crystals on it to make it slightly flashier if you think the guy can handle it!

The playful look

Some men love their gadgets, or are quiet quirky. The best pair of cufflinks for this type of man is those that are called novelty cufflinks. These can be cufflinks that look like an iphone, deck of cards cufflinks or even cufflinks that look like mobile phones! These make a great gift for a man that you know very well as you can pick a pair of cufflinks according to their interest!

The Ultimate cufflinks

The ultimate cufflinks are Swarovski crystal flamboyant cufflinks! There are many Swarovski crystal encrusted cufflinks out there but non like the ones that the House of Jewels have designed and produced. These are a great gift for the man that has everything, or the man you do not too well or for your dad or brother…well just about any man in your life! They are a great pair of cufflinks to wear to parties or to wear on your wedding day or your reception. Try wearing these cufflinks to work and you are sure to get a lot of compliments. And the great thing about these cufflinks is that they are unisex. They can be worn by men with distinction or women with supreme taste.


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