Costume jewellery is heavily seen on the catwalk as is Lace on Haute Couture. So how can you incorporate costume jewellery with the new Lace look. There’s many ways you can make Lace look stunning with costume jewellery.

Well Lace can come in many different colours but black and cream seem to be the most popular. Black for evenings and cream for weddings. So with black lace, you can go for Black costume jewellery like the black crystal filigree earrings which match the look of lace. Or go for black and gold chandelier earrings which would loo stunning against the black lace. With cream lace you could try crystal bridal earrings, like crystal chandelier earrings and a stunning crystal bracelet as the crystals against the cream lace looks amazing.

If you want any help choosing your costume jewellery to match your lace outfit or would like to give our readers some advice on wearing lace and costume jewellery why not leave a comment below?


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