4 July

Honeymoon costume jewellery

You dont only have to consider your costume jewellery for your big day since once your big day is over you have the second most specail occasion to look forward to which is your honeymoon. And you want to make sure you look extra special every day if your honeymoon whether you are going on a city adveture, trekking through forests or lying on a secluded beach somewhere.

So what type of costume jewellery should you be looking at purchasing as your honeymoon costume jewellery? Well if you are looking at visting cities on most of your journey then you should look at costume jewellery that can be used during the day and night, so small crystal earrings a small crystal bracelet and perhaps a crystal necklace. This is also very similar for beach honeymoons. In the day you can wear small crystal jewellery and in the evening you can go for glamorous costume jewellery like large crystal earrings and large crystal bracelet.

As you can see costume jewellery is so versatile and can be worn to so many different occasions and events you just need to know what to wear when and thats what we are here for!


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