18 August

Holiday costume jewellery

So the summer holidays are slowly coming to an end, but so many people decide to go on their summer holiday at this time of year to end the summer off with a bang. Whether you are going to Thailand, Australia or Blackpool, you have to think about what costume jewellery you are going to wear on your summer holiday, and whether it is evening costume jewellery or daytime costume jewellery as it can be vastly different.

Costume jewellery can be worn to many different occasions including your annual holiday. So what would you take with you on holiday when it comes to costume jewellery? Well as far as daytime costume jewellery goes you want to wear what will suit the weather. So if you are going somewhere really hot and sticky the last thing you want is to be laiden with costume jewellery that will make you itchy and even more uncomfotable in the heat. So go for small crystal earrings, a small bracelet or just a cocktail ring. In the evening you can go all out and wear cuff bracelet and chandelier earrings as it is cooler.

For cooler climates you can be more versatile in what you wear so you can wear stretch bracelets, or necklace and earring sets. You can even wear glamorous earrings if you like. The same goes for evenings in cooler climates, and dependant on what you are doing, you can mix and match your daytime costume jewellery with your evening costume jewellery.


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