13 October

Halloween costume jewellery- what to wear!?

Halloween is fast approaching believe it or not! In a couple of weeks we will all be attending halloween parties and you should really be thinking about what you are going to wear to these parties from now: especially when it comes to your costume jewellery which will really pull your outfit off at the end. Halloween costume jewellery is great as you can really go all out there with the colours and styles you chose as your costume jewellery.

So say you are going as a pumpkin to a fancy dress party. Why not accessorise with orange costume jewellery or with black chandelier earrings? Or if you are going as a vampire, wear some crystal cufflinks on your french cuff to add some glamour to your outfit. If you are going as something more glamorous like cinderella or Princess Diana, you can wear any type of crystal jewellery with your outfit. Even if you arent going in fancy dress and are just going out for the night, remember to glam it up with some crystal costume jewellery to add some real sparkle.

If you have any ideas for halloween costume jewellery why not drop us a line below?


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