4 June

Hair slides : fabulous costume jewellery

Hair slides are a great piece of costume jewellery and I can’t get enough of them. Whatever size hair slides are they are so practical when it comes to getting your hair out of your face. As far as costume jewellery goes whoever invented the hair slide should get a noble prize!

I use large hair slides to help tie my hair up when it’s in my way when I’m at the gym for example.  Large crystal hair slides can be used to glam up your hair when you go out for a special occasion. But best of all are the small hair slides and the small crystal hair slides. They are fabulous to just keep that annoying fringe out your way whilst working. They also make a great hair accessory for bridesmaids. Or just wear on an evening out! Try the sparkle in crystal hair slide or the butterfly in black hair slide for a great finishing touch!


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