29 September

Hair accessories for special sweet 16 parties


Hair accessories are a must. But, when your 16, its essential! What are the options? what are the costs? We aim to discuss them here!

You can have a hair tiara or a hair comb (which can be on the side or top of the head) or you could simply have styled hair, and add in some glitzy hair pins which sparkle!

The costs can vary, but tiara will be the most expensive. Probably between £50 – £150. Hair combs are usually from £20 – £45, and hair pins range from £1 – £8 each.

Next is the colour theme, and this is best done with your stylist and a compare agaist ‘the dress’. We love bold looks, and you know you need to outshine all the other attendees on your important party!!

Love, Shefaly House of Jewels

(Image provided courtesy of MTV, all rights reserved for MTV, image used for discussion purposes)

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