28 December

Gold Costume Jewellery

As mentioned in the last blog Costume jewellery comes in many colours, styles and finishes. Gold costume jewellery encompasses glamour jewellery which, worn with the right outfit can really make you stand out and finish any outfit.

Gold costume jewellery mainly embodies plated rhodium with the colour of gold. This crystal costume Jewellery looks spectacular, especially in the world famous Bollywood style wedding, as recently done by Elizabeth Hurley. This is worn as a statement necklace or statement earrings during the main ceremony. Its not only limited to the bride, Bridesmaids benefit from the glamour, and this can match the dress, which is normally embodied by bright colours such as greens and reds. The Bollywood wedding themed wedding can not be seen more and more, and companies like Shefaly make this east meets west theme more real then ever before.

Gold costume jewellery can be very sexy. Not only are we talking about bridal or wedding pieces, but also for Christmas events, New Year’s parties, and can even spread into valentine’s jewellery. Make sure you take the time to find these fashion changing pieces during the new years sales, the bargains are out in some real force!


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