I can’t believe it’s that time of year already- people will be out trick or treating tomorrow in their fancy dress costume or going to a great Halloween party. But who says you have to wear the normal witch’s outfit every other person can be seen in, or be cat woman with no “meeooww” to your outfit!? Why not add a bit of costume jewellery bling to really finish your outfit off.

For example, if you have decided to dress up as Marilyn Monroe for tomorrow, why not try a pair of chandelier earrings and gorgeous crystal choker necklace and earring set to make your outfit look fab. Costume jewellery is so versatile that you will be sure to wear the jewellery you purchase again.

Or if you decide to go as Count Dracula, wear a double cuff shirt with a gorgeous pair of crystal Swarovski cufflinks. You are sure to dazzle the ladies at any Halloween ball!

Even if you don’t have a party to go to tomorrow night and are going to take the kids out trick or treating, who says you can enjoy the night as much as they are! Why not dress up with some bling costume jewellery, even just a pair of earrings, cocktail ring and bracelet, and pretend you are the Queen!!! Or how about purchasing a hair tikka and going as an Indian bride

Costume jewellery is just so versatile that it goes with any occasion – and with Christmas round the corner you are sure to get many wears out of that one stunning piece you buy.


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