16 October

Fashion Jewellery at Westfields – London

Theres lots of shopping centres with lots of jewellery stores. What makes Westfields in London different? The answer is the selection! You can find all types of fashion jewellery, in different colours and styles and finishes.

The stores are quite mainstream, as you would expect of any large shopping centres. You have your usual House of Fraser, and generic themed jewellery stores. One thing that Westfields may lack is the selection of chic fashion jewellery or classy fashion jewellery.

These types of items are well presented online. You can find these stores by entering costume jewellery or fashion jewellery into Bing, Yahoo to Google. The best stores tend to be found on page 1 or 2. You can find red jewels, black jewels and swarovski jewellery. So its all about what your likes are and what the outfit is your trying to match.

Dont forget that trends in fashion jewellery extend to hair accessories in different colours such as purples, pinks blues and reds. Hair jewellery is a growing trend since shows like Strictly on BBC1.

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