2 October

Essential Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery may be thought of by your boyfriend as a luxury, but here we are going to spell out how its essential to your wardrobe!

Take for example, you off out at night, what jewellery will you be wearing?! Well, its either got to be gold, silver, or costume jewellery! And, lets face it, if your off out to a bar, you dont want to be wearing anything precious or valuable, so costume jewellery is best to make a statement, and make that impact. Plus its not expensive, and it normally worn a few times, unlike something special to you, which is worn daily!

So, it arguement is clear. Costume Jewellery is suited to nights out, for work, daily wear, and inspires your wordrobe and clothing collections.

Next time he says you dont need to buy that essential costume piece, be sure to tell him what you think of that statement.

Love Shefaly

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