Jewellery is all about style and elegance. You may ask, isnt all jewellery elegant? Well, yes…but costume jewellery, and ┬ámore specifically crystal jewellery has that all essential va va voom.

You can wear all types of jewellery. It can be an expensive diamond set, elegant costume jewellery, or even gold jewellery. But, you want to make sure that the jewellery matches your outfit, and crystal jewellery can add that finishing touch, without breaking the $1000 barrier.

Crystal costume jewellery can be found in many colours, styles and metal finishes. You always want to go for nickle free jewellery, thsi will make sure its decent quality. Costume jewellery can be made from swarovski, czech or plastic construct. It can come in many colours such as red, green, purple, black, yellow, blue….etc. Finishes will include silver colour, antique gold, dark gold and costume coloured jewellery metals.

Love, Shefaly

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