22 October

Diwali costume jewellery

Diwali, the festival of lights, is on the 5th November this year. Its a special time of year because everyone gets all dressed up and goes to each others houses to wish everyone a happy new year, since Diwali is seen as the hind new year. So what are girls going to wear as their costume jewellery this year? Whats in trend when it comes to asian costume jewellery and how can you get the look?

Costume jewellery is costume jewellery at the end of the day whether its indian costume jewellery or european costume jewellery. So why do we differentiate between the to? Well indian costume jewellery is a lot more big, statement, colourful and altogether bling. This diwali is no exception. This diwali wear a pair of statement earrings, or a statement cocktail ring. These can be any colour, literally, since your indian outfit will be just as colourful. You can even wear a hair tikka, which is authentically indian costume jewellery. Even a finger ring or what indians call a panja which is a ring attached to a bracelet would look stunning this diwali.

If you have any ideas of what costume jewellery our readers can wear this diwali, why not drop us a line below and share your thoughts?


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