The fine jewellery market at the moment is not doing so well with the Gold price going through the roof, and so a lot of the fashion houses have now decided to branch out into the costume jewellery market. Designers are making bold statement costume jewellery pieces such as Donna Karen and Versace.

Necklaces like Lavin’s “Pom Pom” necklace have got sales flying through the roof. Although it is £545, people still seem to want it. But you can buy similar items for so much less from companies like our self. Fashion jewellery and costume jewellery is a fast growing market since accessorising is so important now. But you don’t have to go for expensive designer costume jewellery to get the style you want; affordable costume jewellery is something you should wear so you can change it often too.

Costume jewellery is a must have accessory for anyone, whether you are going to wear it for work or for an evening out, but definitely buy yourself a few key costume jewellery pieces to make you ahead of fashion.


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