Costume jewellery is not only just found in online costume jewellery shops, but costume jewellery is now so prevalent on the high street that you can literally find it on any high street shop. And nowadays you also get costume jewellery being designed by alot of well known designers.

For example you have Lanvin who has desgined a collection of clothes and accessories for H&M. Not only are the clothes fabulous but you also have stunning costume jewellery that he has designed.It beautiful and so in trend with the look on the catwalks but also affordable to you and me. There is also the designer costume jewellery range from the likes of Dior and Chanel and even though it may not be as cheap as Lanvins collection at H&M it is still afforadable if you want to buy a few one off pieces.

Costume jewellery is now available to everyone whatever your budget is, but if you want truely unique pieces look at online costume jewellery shops to find that piece thats truely one off and so you.


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