7 October

Designer costume jewellery

Costume jewellery is jewelry that is made from semiprecious stones and non-valuable metals, like leather beads or gold plating. Costume jewelry does not have real gold or real silver in it. Swarovski crystal jewellery is a form of costume jewellery, and Shefaly specialises in this form of costume jewelry.

Designer costume jewellery encompasses all the above traits of costume jewellery. Designer costume jewellery can include necklaces, earrings, cocktail rings, bracelets and cufflinks. Our costume jewellery is designer costume jewellery as our designs are created in house. We have designer costume jewellery that ranges from cufflinks to cocktail rings.

Whatever you decide to wear when it comes to fashion and costume jewellery, wear it with style, and wear what feels comfortable on you and you are sure to dazzle all around you!


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