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More and more people are buying costume jewellery and with its ever increasing prominance on the catwalks, this is a great reason for high street boutiques to provide high quality costume jewellery.

Now you can get wholesale costume jewellery at fantastic prices. As an online retailer we have less overheads than that of other companies and therefore can pass these reduced savings onto our customers. And with the majority of our cufflinks encrusted with Swarovski crystals you really cannot go wrong with this high quality costume jewellery .

Contact us and we will be happy to go over your needs wether you are looking for bridal jewellery, fashion jewellery or unique crystal cufflinks


The question which all brides ask is that are bridal shows any good for shopping for wedding and bridal jewellery? Well, the simple answer is yes. They add value, and give you a full insight into what is and what are the latest trends, and you can speak to many vendors and designers and get to understand what is best for you, and what best suits your price bracket.

There are large shows, which are normally found in central london, paris and new york. Or you can find local shows are local hotels and conference centres. Which you go to is up to you, and will depend on how much you are willing to spend!

But, dont let bridal shows be the all. Take in the information and digest it. Dont feel pressured into buying on the day, as you can buy from these people later, and you will have a full insight to shop on the web, and on your high street. Of course, if you dont have the time to visit such shows then dont worry, you can find a whole lot of information in bridal mags and on relevant TV shows.

Love, Shefaly

Costume jewellery and fashion jewellery for 2012 has been evolving and changing during the year as the celebrities and fashion houses have released new styles and trends.

2012 fashion and costume jewellery has seen bolder designs, with stylish finishes in gold and silver. We have also seen the increase in pastel and earth colours. This will continue in influence the styles and colours for 2013 and beyond.

Shefaly house of jewels has a new trend of styles and colours coming through for this during the later part of 2012 as production begins to meet demand and new trends.

Love, Shefaly