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Bridal jewellery has transformed to being all about the hair jewellery! The shift has occurred from lots of jewellery, to simple, elegant jewellery, finished off with a large hair piece, tiara or hair band. Many brides opt for this look and the trend can be seen in all the top bridal magazines and celeb weddings during 2012.

This new trend and style is growing rapidly, and many brides now favour hair jewellery. You can find a whole host of hair jewellery in retail shops and online which have great offerings for all styles and tastes.

For a great collection of bridal hair accessories google hair accessories to see what is out there. Try a few designs and check the returns policy to give back what you dont need!


Costume jewellery and bridal jewellery trends during this year have seen remarkable changes.

Bridal jewellery has seen the increase use of bridal hair accessories, such as large flower clips, large hair headbands encrusted with crystals and hand accessories.

Costume jewellery has seen the movement from less crystal and more chunky designs. This includes the greater use of gold colouring as well as general bold colours.

The trends seen can be found in many of the magazines and publications around these types of jewellery.

Shefaly house of jewels hosts a range of different jewellery styles, many of which are focused towards individuals for fashion and brides alike.

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28 July

Olympic costume jewellery

The Olympics 2012 are have well and truly begun in the UK with the opening ceremony having taken place last night. The athletes came out in all their splendour dressed to impress in their designer outfits and costume jewellery. Many wore understated costume jewellery and some wore elaborate costume jewellery, but whatever they were seen in they all looked amazing and whether im biased or not UK looked the best out of all of them!

But what can you wear to celebrate and show your support of our Olympians? Well as far as costume jewellery is concerned you are spoilt for choice as there is so much out in the market at the moment. Costume jewellery wise there are many Union Jack earrings, Union Jack necklaces and Union Jack bracelets you can wear. But if you dont want your costume jewellery to be so in your face, you can always opt for Union Jack colours as your costume jewellery, so red costume jewellery, white costume jewellery or blue costume jewellery which will all have just as much an impact. You could go for a Red bracelet or red earrings, or a red cocktail ring and blue earrings? Or for a little more flash, go for a white necklace and earring set. White costume jewellery can be portrayed by wearing pearl costume jewellery for example.

At Shefaly you are really spoilt for choice with colourful costume jewellery as you can find most colourful costume jewellery that you might be looking for to match any of your olympic outfits. But not only ofr th olympics, if as a Bride you might be looking for Bridal jewellery with a twist and here at Shefaly we offer just that.


It’s the festival season for 2012 which has nearly come to an end, an it’s all about the jewellery that the celebs are wearing at the festivals. Celebs are iconic in what they wear, and we all follow such powerful jewellery and fashion trends

We have keep a track of the main costume jewellery trends we are seeing this season. They are all about the bold and the stunning.

We are loving Jessie J’s bold fashion jewellery are large earrings on the voice, as well as Rihanna’s chunky jewellery in her latest music video!

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Bridal jewellery is all about elegance. What is the best jewellery set to compliment your wedding outfit? Sparkle, elegance, simplistic?

These are all hard decisions to make on the jewellery to work best for your special day.

A good method would be to get an secure the wedding dress, and then try on about 3 or 4 designs which could be ordered online.

You are after an overalls look, and sparkle can really help, see the below example we have.

You could always go simple and very plain, but, with such a white and simple dress crystals can go a long way for the perfect bridal jewellery.

Finally don’t forget matching hair pins and hair accessories!!!

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Costume jewellery sparked best under light. What better light is there than the amazing sun and heatwave we have in the UK at the minute.

So, what jewellery is best for the summer sun, and worn with the shorts and casual summer tops? We suggest large wood based jewellery, which can also be very light and comfortable.

You can also opt for some bling crystal jewellery, and we really love that with a gold finish, following the trends of Cheryl Cole and JessyJ this season!

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