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We see Kate was wearing a lovely and glamorous pearl set today during the Queens birth day celebrations. Pearl sets are all the trend, and can be worn by the young and the old, as seen by the Queen and the Duchess!

Pearl sets compliment outfits which a neutral and pastel in colour perfectly. Nothing really is better then a nice earring and necklace pearl set, and they don’t have to be real pearls to make the impact you want.

Love, shefaly

Costume jewellery encompasses many different styles and selections. But, consume jewellery has always had a hint of colour, whether it be antique silver, of colourful crystals and gems.

Many cultures and people embrace these colours for what they are, such as Asians from Japan and India, as well as Irish people. Therefore the market is widespread as are the selections in the market.

The types of jewellery we are talking about includes earrings, bracelets, hair accessories and necklaces.

Many retailers can be found online or within hight street stores. Google costume jewellery or another phrase to see what retailers show on the results.

Love Shefaly


Bespoke bridal jewellery is all about style and elegance. Many brides go bespoke for hair accessories, earrings and necklace sets. But how does one decide between Bespoke or of the shelf designs?

It all comes down to the bride and the brides budget, as well as look. Many brides don’t think bespoke due to the cost of it. It is expensive, normally starting from £500+. So for many the choice is easy…. Order what is available!!!

There are many firms online which sell bespoke jewellery, and less so on the high street. So if your look online on google you will find many options, and likewise for bridal jewellery resellers.

Love shefaly

10 June

Crystal bridal and bridesmaid jewellery

Bridal jewellery can get really confusing to decide upon. There are so many different choices and selections out there. Most brides are generally set on getting items with crystals and with a silver finish, or with pearls.

What is useful is getting lots of different ideas. That helps make the choice with the dress. Use the jewellery items and place the options next to the dress to see if they work. This is best with at least 4 or 5 different styles and options.

Love shefaly

9 June

Crystal costume jewellery

Crystal costume jewellery can be stunning yet quite inexpensive. But what are the options and types of costume jewellery? Crystal costume
Jewellery can come in many different qualities, styles and finishes.

Crystal costume jewellery includes necklaces, crystal rings, bling and bold earrings, hair accessories and brooches.

These are made from many different types of crystals, from cz to swarovski.

You can find many different companies selling costume jewellery online and on the high street, but you are likely to find the best offers online!

Love shefaly

7 June

Prom costume jewellery for 2012 proms

Prom costume jewellery is at the front of all the young ladies minds the next few weeks as the plan for this special day.

So, what type of jewellery does one wear to the prom? Easy, a must is a crystal tiara, followed by a crystal necklace and earring set. Added to this, is an ideal bangle or crystal bracelet.

Whatever ideas that are out there, shefaly house of jewels have a wide variety of colours to suit all tastes and dress colours.

Love, shefaly

Cheryl cole fashioned a large pair of costume jewellery earrings at the diamond jubilee show on Monday evening. we absolutely loved the earrings!

Shefaly house of jewels have had lots of enquiries about similar products we stock in the form of large chunky costume jewellery earrings which are light weight and easy to wear! Links to follow shortly!

In the meantime take a look at our earrings section on the website!


Hair accessories are the key piece to any bridal outfit. You may be wearing a necklace, or you may opt not to wear one. Either way, more likely than not the bride will choose to have an elegant hair accessory such as a tiara or a hair comb.

There are many different types of hair tiaras, from diamond, CZ to crystal, these also made from many finishes, from silver, to gold. Most brides opt for the budget ranges from £40 to £250, which makes the most sense. For this price range you can access a whole wealth of styles, finishes and designs.

Shefaly has a large collection of hair accessories, from pins, combs to slides and tiaras. If yo dont find what you need, then we can also bespoke create a tiara for you.

Love, Shefaly

2 June

Celebrity costume jewellery

It’s the festival season, an it’s all about the jewellery that the celebs are wearing at the festivals and at the voice finals!

We will keep a track of the main costume jewellery trends we are seeing this season.

We are loving Jessie J’s bold fashion jewellery are large earrings on the voice, as well as Rihanna’s chunky jewellery in her latest music video!


What costume jewellery will the Queen be fashioning over the weekend? Yes, you are right, its likely to be read diamonds more than anything else!

However, that does not mean we can jump into the celebration and show off some of our lovely hair accessories, pearl necklaces or crystal bangles!

We have a nice dedicated queens celebration range on the website, which has many antique and classic costume jewellery styles perfect for all those Jubilee celebration parties!

Love, Shefaly