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This week we have chosen crystal bracelets as our product of the week. Crystal bracelets are a great accessory for any outfit and what with the Awards Season in full swing now you are definitely going to see stunning crystal bracelets on all the celebrities as well as a full array of costume jewellery.

Crystal cuff bracelets come in many different sizes shapes and styles. The most popular at the moment is the crystal cuff bracelet that has really taken off. Crystal cuff bracelets add a touch of glamour to any outfit including when worn as wedding jewellery, or as prom jewellery. The great thing about crystal bracelets is that they come in a variety of colours also so they can be matched to more or less any outfit. They also match so many different types of costume jewellery whether statement costume jewellery is simple costume jewellery.

Costume jewellery itself is a great way to glamorise your outfits and you can’t go wrong with stunning crystal bracelets. These paired with a beautiful handbag can really make you look like you are off to one of this year’s spectacular awards ceremonies.


Vintage costume jewellery is a new rage at the minute. We stumbled upon a new article which outlines this recent trend found in the jewellery market.

For full details view the vintage jewellery

22 January

Celeb costume jewellery lines – Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum has jumped back into the jewellery accord to recent news articles. Her brand, wildlife, has a unique twist. To read more about her jewellery please see the link attached.



16 January

Golden Globes 2012 Costume Jewellery

At last nights Golden Globe Awards the stars came out in style in their gorgeous gowns and costume jewellery. But there was one thing in common, that there was a minimal amount of costume jewellery. The actresses were wearing stunning gowns and so over accessorizing the gowns would be an instant fashion faux pas. So what jewellery did we see the stars in during this years Golden Globes?

Intricate bracelets, bright rings, large earrings and statement necklaces were the accessories of choice at the Globes. The looks we saw on the red carpet can be recreated without having to spend all that the stars do on their costume jewellery. So you could buy the Crystal Goddess earrings to get Jessica Albas look and add the crystal beauty bracelet to finish the look off. You have plenty of options when you are looking for statement costume jewellery . You can even just opt for a statement cocktail ring which will really add elegance to any outfit.

Statement jewellery is still a current trend, but any costume jewellery when kept minimal can make you look like one of the stars on the red carpet, and add a stunning handbag to really finish your star style look off.


15 January

Bridal jewellery collections

Bridal jewellery collection at the house of jewels will see a new range coming in during 2012 as part of a large uplift in the selection offering!

Expect new colours, bolder looks, elegant styles, all suitable for any type of wedding!

14 January

Fashion and costume jewellery sale

The shefaly costume and fashion jewellery sale is coming to an end soon! Shop as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

The entire store is on sale, so to take advantage of these great sale prices, buy today!

There are many products including hair acessories, bridal jewellery, arm bands, earrings and handbags on offer!


13 January

Paris: Costume jewellery shops

A great article about shopping for jewellery in Paris! Any more reasons required to visit the fashion capital??
costume jewellery shopping in Paris

Kim Kardashian wears chunky costume rings in campaign for her new jewellery line
Kim costume jewelley article

11 January

Costume jewellery in 2012 Olympics!

That’s right, what costume jewellery to wear whilst watching the 2012 Olympic games in London??

It’s all about style, presentation and what you want to get across to your neighbour??

Costume jewellery can come in all shapes and sizes, can be bling or elegant. Thus, the style and combination is yours!

All we say is add in a small hair pin or lovely butterfly ring for the games!

Love shefaly

8 January

Bridal jewellery hair accessories

Bridal jewellery is all about the hair jewellery! The shift has occurred from lots of jewellery, to simple, elegant jewellery, finished off with a large hair piece, tiara or hair band.

This new trend and style is growing rapidly, and many brides now favour hair jewellery

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