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31 October

Crystal bridal accessories

Crystal jewellery is a great way to accessorise any outfit, but even more so when it comes to a bridal outfit. Crystal bridal accessories can encompass a range of bridal jewellery and can help make a bridal outfit go from drab to fab! So what type of crystal bridal accessories should you be seen in on your wedding day?

As far as crystal bridal accessories goes you really cant go wrong with what you chose. So you could go for a stunning pair of crystal chandelier earrings. You can pair these with a beautiful crystal cuff bracelet. And in addition you can add a statement crystal hair accessory. This would seriously complete your look to make you look like you are laced with diamonds all over. Then you can even add a crystal handbag to really go all out there.

Crystal bridal accessories are also great as wedding jewellery when it comes autumn and winter as your bridal jewellery can make you look like the ice queen! And that will make you look like a million dollars!


25 October

Diwali Costume Jewellery- colours galore!

Diwali is well and truely on it way tomorrow and we cant believe its already here! What with summer weddings and Christmas on our mind, we had forgotton all about Diwali. Now that its here we still got to think about what stunning costume jewellery one can wear this Diwali. For such a special occasion you are really spoilt for choice.

Diwali is a time when you bring out all the colourful accessories you have. Not only is your house decorated in colourful lights and decorations, but Diwali is a time to wear colourful clothes and colourful costume jewellery and fashion jewellery.  Colourful costume jewellery encompasses many things like red cocktail ring, green cuff bracelet or pink hair accessories. But you can also go very ethnic and go for a blue hair tikka. You can also accessorise with colourful handbags, like a red handbag.

Diwali can be a time when you really cant go wrong with your costume jewellery and fashion jewellery. And its a time to spoil yourself rotten as its the New Year and if you dont spoil yourself now when are you going to spoil yourself.


19 October

Halloween party costume jewellery

Can you believe we are mid-way through October already!? And whats special about October? Halloween ofcourse! Halloween is just around the corner, well 12 days away to be exact, and so are all the Halloween parties that you might be attending. So what else would you want to do expect buy your Halloween party costume jewellery, essential for anyone attending a Halloween party this year.

Halloween parties can be anything from fancy dress parties to a classic evening party. For fancy dress parties you might need costume jewellery depending on what you are going as. For example you could go as Audrey Hepburn and wear loads of pearl costume jewellery or crystal costume jewellery. Or even Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend and wear loads of crystal costume jewellery. Or if you are attending a classy function, why not go for small crystal earrings and a crystal bracelet, something elegant. Even just a pair of chandelier earrings and a cocktail ring would look stunning.

Halloween is such a fun time of year, and playing dress up isntjust for kids anymore. And whats more, once Halloween’s over, you have Christmas just around the corner to look forward to which will be that much more exciting, especially as you get to buy yourself some more new costume jewellery!


17 October

Shopping of Winter Wedding Jewellery

We’ve had a look of sun and hot weather recently but just by looking at todays weather and the forecast for the rest of the week, autumn is well and truely on its way. But both autumn and winter make for great seasons to have a winter wedding, and you are also spoilt for choice when it comes to your winter wedding jewellery for more reasons than one. Winter weddings are becoming a real trend for many people.

Winter weddings are great as you get to wear alot of winter wedding jewellery that you wouldnt otherwise be able to wear in summer weddings as it would be too hot to wear say a crystal necklace and crystal earrings and crystal bracelet for example. As summer wedding jewellery that would just feel like too much crystal jewellery to wear in the heat if you arent used to it. But as winter wedding jewellery it would be perfect, and with a winter wedding theme, say a christmas theme or a winter wonderland theme you really can make your wedding jewellery look sparkly and on trend.

Stunning winter wedding jewellery is the way to go whether you are attending a winter wedding or if you are a winter bride yourself. Try opting for chandelier earrings and crystal swarovski bracelet. This pair makes for great crystal bridal jewellery and you will be sure to look stunning.


13 October

Red costume jewellery for Christmas

Christmas is well and truely only 10 weeks and 2 days away- how exciting! So all you fashionistas and early shoppers are ready to buy your costume jewellery for the christmas parties and the costume jewellery gifts for all those who you cherish the most. Costume jewellery is a great accessory for Christmas and this Christmas’s costume jewellery colour has to be red costume jewellery.

Bold colours are very much in this season, espcially block colouring, and red is the must have seasons colour to have in your wardrobe and your fashion jewellery. Red is not only a great bold colour of choice but is also a very seasonal colour. Red costume jewellery can match more or less any outfit whether you are going for a little black dress or a colourful outfit. Even as a costume jewellery present it looks amazing when you give colourful costume jewellery rather than plain crystal costume jewellery as it looks as though you have given it some serious thought.

However if you do feel red costume jewellery is not really your colour when it comes to costume jewellery, or you dont think red costume jewellery is a great present for any of your loved ones, you can always opt for black costume jewellery or crystal costume jewellery.


I know, I know! But you have to remember that Christmas is literally around the corner. Work parties are being organised as well as people thinking about Christmas presents for loved ones. Well we thought we would write a little blog on Christmas costume jewellery and also christmas costume jewellery presents as there are many people who are already thinking about what outfits to wear to different occasions that may be lined up or what costume jewellery presents to buy loved ones.

Christmas generally encompasses the colours gold, red and green and many people aim to stick to these colours for their party outfits. So many people might be looking for red costume jewellery or green costume jewellery or gold costume jewellery to match their outfits. But you can also go for non christmassy colours like black and purple if you want to follow current trends in costume jewellery and block colouring. The same is true for costume jewellery presents. Although many people either opt for crystal costume jewellery as a present or perhaps black costume jewellery to be on the safe side, it might not be a bad idea to add a bit of colour to your costume jewellery presents by buying colourful cocktail rings for example.

If you want help choosing your costume jewellery for a christmas event or even as a costume jewellery present drop us a line below and we will do all we can to help you decide on what is the best costume jewellery for you to choose.