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What are the best items of bridal and wedding jewellery for 2011? We want your votes on the best products and from which retailers!

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26 July

What is crystal costume jewellery?

Crystal costume jewellery is a very fashionable accessory nowadays especially for women who want to wear it to special occasions such as bridal jewellery or as prom jewellery. But what exactly is crystal costume jewellery - what type of costume jewellery is classed as crystal costume jewellery?

Most if not all crystal costume jewellery predominantly contains crystals in it. These crystals can be of any size shape or colour. They are man made crystals which emulate the properties of diamonds and other precious stones. They crystals can be a variety of types of crystals with the most popular being Swarovski crystal costume jewellery or CZ crystal costume jewellery or diamante crystal costume jewellery. Swarovski crystal costume jewellery is generally the most expensive of all crystal costume jewellery because of the intircate way the crystals are cut and the amount of technology that goes behind making the crystals. CZ are less expenisve and the least expensive crystals are diamante crystals.

The type of crystal you may chose will depend on how much you can afford and what you are looking at wearing the costume jewellery to. So if it is to be worn as bridal jewellery you may want to go for Swarovski crystal jewellery and if it is for your prom jewellery, CZ or diamante crystals would suffice.


Wedding season is nearing an end, and the hunt for the perfect costume jewellery is nearly over, for this year anyway! So, what resources do you have available?

For shopping online for wedding costume jewellery start with reputable magazine websites. The often have directories where there are lists of retailers and designers. We advise wedding ideas and perfect wedding magazines.

Other resources include blogs, such as this blog, and other wedding and jewellery blogs. Advise that people in the industry have are a great and helful insight into wedding jewellery and the jewellery industry.

Twitter has also become more and more popular. Follow your favourate designers and retailers as they will discuss new issues, and upcoming shows, which are ideal for knowledge!

Love Shefaly

23 July

Crystal bridal jewellery

There are many types of bridal jewellery that a bride can wear on her big day. This includes designs made from precious stones like diamonds, to pearl bridal jewellery to vintage bridal jewellery. But still the most popular and most sought after costume jewellery and bridal jewellery is crystal bridal jewellery.

Crystal bridal jewellery is affordable and looks as stunning sometimes more so than any other type of bridal jewellery. Crystal bridal jewellery can really help your outfit come together as it adds that touch of elegance and sparkle on your bid day. What you have to remember is that even though you will be wearing your crystal bridal jewellery on your wedding day in the day, since the majority of brides follow their big day with a evening of celebrations, as a bride you will want to make sure your bridal jewellery looks great for a long evening ahead of you. Come to think of it you will be wearing your bridal jewellery for a longer time at your reception than in your wedding!

So crystal jewellery is a great piece of bridal jewellery for your big day. You can wear many different types of crystal bridal jewellery including crystal bracelets and crystal earrings, so you are truely spoilt for choice.


20 July

Vintage costume jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in so many different styles and colours and can be used at many different occasions including as wedding jewellery or evening jewellery. But Vintage costume jewellery seems to have seen somewhat of a revival in the last few years. But what do we mean by vinatge costume jewellery?

Vinatge costume jewellery is costume jewellery from yesteryear. By this we mean costume jewellery from back in the day like the 40′s, or even earlier like the 20′s or 30′s. You can tell costume jewellery that is vintage because you it looks antique, as if it where designed and made in a different era. So for example, our range of vintage costume jewellery includes the vintage crystal hair slide or the bouquet of crystal brooch. These pieces of costume jewellery look like something your grandma would have worn.

Vintage costume jewellery is a great way to add a touch of class to your outfit. It really adds a beautiful twist to your wardrobe especially if you wear vintage costume jewellery as your bridal jewellery.


19 July

Pearl costume jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different styles, shapes, sizes and colours. But pearl costume jewellery seems to be that timeless piece of costume jewellery that will forever be on trend whether it is used as costume jewellery for everyday wear or a bridal jewellery. Pearl costume jewellery is a great way to accentuate any outfit for any occasion.

Pearl costume jewellery comes in many different styles and colours (obviously because it is faux pearl). You can wear small pearl studs. Or a stunning pearl bracelet or a beautiful pearl set like the Pearl string necklace and earrings set. Any of these pearl costume jewellery pieces can be worn for any occasion whether as bridal jewellery or as work jewellery or as evening jewellery.

Pearl costume jewellery is a timeless piece of jewellery and if you take care of it you really can make it last forever. You could even pass it down to your daughter to wear on her wedding day as her bridal jewellery.


18 July

Bridal jewellery at its best

Bridal season is well on its way this summer and many brides are still on the search for their bridal jewellery. And so too are many guests since weddings are paractically occurring every weekend this season. So what sort of bridal jewellery should you be seen in this summer, what are the bridal jewellery trends?

Well as most bridal jewellery goes, crystal jewellery is the best type of bridal jewellery. Crystal jewellery is a great accessory for any bride whatever type of dress she is wearing. So as bridal jewellery you could wear crystal bracelets, crystal earrings or a crystal set. As a guest to a wedding you can be a little more daring. You can go for coloured crystal jewellery like a blue bracelet or pink earrings depending on what you are wearing and what you are trying to macth your accessories to.

The main thing for any bride, or for any lady for that matter, is to make sure you are wearing what you feel comfortable in and what you know you will look good in whether it is statement jewellery or smaller jewellery.


17 July

Costume jewellery rings – the best gift

So for all you out there who have yet to buy their wedding presents, what is the best gift you can give your wife,girlfriend,colleague or best friend and won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Well as far as costume jewellery goes cocktail rings are a great gift as women love it and it can match any outfit and can be a great present for more or less anybody.

When choosing a cocktail ring as a gift if you know the person well then its best to go with a type of cocktail ring that you know they would wear. If they generally wear small costume jewellery then go for a small cocktail ring that would suit them best. But you can still go for acolourful cocktail ring to make it that extra special. Or if you know that they like statement costume jewellery go for a larger cocktail ring. Something like the Topaz Icicles cocktail ringwould be great.

And the great thing about cocktail rings is that they are adjustable to fit any ring size and you therefore do not have to know the person’s ring size when purchasing our cocktail rings!

13 July

Statement hair accessories

Hair accessories are a must have for any event whether you are using it as wedding hair jewellery prom hair jewellery or even just for attending a special occasion. Hair accessories are a great way to jazz up any look and since there is an abundance of statement hair accessories So what type of hair accessories are there when it comes to statement hair accessories?

The most popular statement hair accessory is the statement headband. Statement headbands really are the must have hair accessory at the moment. The Pearl and Crystal burst headband is especially popular amongst brides as bridal jewellery. But there is also those items like the crystal hair slide which is loveley as a statement piece or there is the crystal hair comb that also makes a great hair accessory.

Statement hair accessories are the way to go at the moment, but if you do find the thought of wearing a large hair accessory a little daunting, dont worry, there are also an array of smaller hair accessories available out there.


Are brooches really suitable for hair accessories? Can brides really do this? Will the make up lady agree? Well, the answer is a YES!

Brooches make perfect hair jewellery! A brooch can be easily attached with the black thin hair slides, and this is attached to the pin of the brooch!

This means that no only does a brooch have more than one use, it can also be worn in more than one way! Many brides and bridesmaids have caught onto this trend, and it makes the selection that much more.

So, if your getting married, make sure you take a look at the brooches section of the Shefaly and other websites!

Love, Shefaly