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30 June

Promzillas uses Shefaly Hair Accessories

Since we announced that Popstar to Operastar were using our hair jewellery for this series which has Cheryl Baker and Claire Richards as the only women left in the show, we also have the great news to announce that Promzillas also are currently using Shefaly Hair accessories for the top show which is on SkyLiving at the moment.

Promzillas is a show that looks at teh American craze of the high school prom that has become oh so popular now. Fairy godmothers dress the girls up with all the costume jewellery, hair jewellery, makeup and the perfect dress they can find to make them look like a princess for their big day. Promzilla approached us as they saw how special our hair accesorries are and they knew that our hair jewellery would be the perfect match in their show.

Keep a look out on our blog to see what new shows and magazines are using our stunning costume jewellery and hair accessories. And if they see how special our items are surely you should too…!


Shefaly House of Jewels has been luck enough to be choosen by Popstar to Operastar to have their hair jewellery choosen to be adorned on the heads of their stars! Our crystal hair accessories will be the show stealer on the fantastic second series of Popstar to Opera star.

So far we have seen Clair Richards wear our beautiful Crystal burst headband. The crystal burst headband looked stunning with her canary yellow dress. We cant wait to see which other celebrities will be wearing our beautiful hair accessories.

Keep a look out on the Popstar to Operastar show for our beautiful hair jewellery and if you spot something that you think could be part of our range of hair jewellery drop us a line here.


Many of you know that we get a lot of PR on our fabulous costume jewellery and bridal jewellery. The press knows what they like and they like Shefaly Jewellery because of its uniquess and special ness. Magazines like Now! and Wedding Ideas love our stuff.  And you all know that Strictly Come Dancing love Shefaly hair accessories and jewellery.

Well we will in the next few days announce a new big TV programme that will be using our hair jewellery the first time this year. Its a big programme that is in its second year and they have approached Shefaly House of Jewels to be the exclusive provider for the celebrities to wear the hair accessories.

Keep a look out on this blog that will annnounce which programme it is and more details on who will be staring and what costume jewellery and hair accessories will be worn.