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22 March

Summer bridal costume jewellery

Brides are now out in force looking for the perfect finishing touches to their summer wedding. So what type of finishing touches are we looking at? Well there is of course the essential reception bits and bobs but more importantly bridal accessories like bridal handbags and bridal costume jewellery.

The type of bridal costume jewellery we are looking at ranges so much with brides at the moment.You are looking at bridal hair accessories like a crystal headband.There also bridal earrings   like crystal chandelier earrings or there are small crystal earrings for the dainty bride. Also remember the bride should have something sparkly on her hand apart from the ring ofcourse so as a bride she may be looking for a crystal bracelet.

Summer is well and truely on its was with lots of sunshine on its way tomorrow. So all you brides really should start thinking about your costume jewellery for your summer wedding.


17 March

Vintage costume jewellery

Costume jewellery can come in many different styles shapes and designs.But there are quiet a few era inspired costume jewellery pieces like those from the Art Deco period or from the 80′s or 70′s. But no era of costume jewellery is most wanted or desired as much as Vintage costume jewellery.

Vintage costume jewellery is that type of costume jewellery that is from a bygone era. Vintage costume jewellery can come in many different designs and colours but it has a specific look about it. Vintage costume jewellery can look great as prom jewellery and especially as wedding jewellery. Vintage costume jewellery can come in many styles like vintage earrings, vintage bracelets or vintage necklaces.

Buy the best vintage costume jewellery at a price you can afford on online costume jewellery shops like ourselves as not only are we so much cheaper than the high street but we also have a better range of vintage costume jewellery.


14 March

Whats new in costume jewellery for spring?

Costume jewellery as always is a real trend amongst celebrities and alike. Costume jewellery is a wonderful accessory and this Spring there are so many great trends hat can help make any outfit look beautiful. So what costume jewellery should you be seen in this spring 2011?

Costume jewellery for this spring is very much about florals and gold jewellery. There is also a real 70′s feel to the high street so you can imagine floral jewellery being a real trendy piece of accesssory. Try gold floral jewellery and that would really make the most of this springs trend. You can wear floral hair accessories, or floral cocktail rings to really finish your outfit.

So if you want to make the most of this spring, make sure you make the most of wearing costume jewellery thats floral costume jewellery whether thats bracelets, necklaces or cocktail rings.


The Oscars took place on the 27th February 2011 and the stars came out in true star style. So many celebrities where dress up in this years must have looks including costume jewellery to kill for. The red carpet was full of an array of colours and we have some of our best picked dresses and styles here.

So on of our favourites was Gwenyth Paltrow in Calvin Klein dress and Louis Vuitton brooch and earrings.  The dress was stunning on her swvelt figurs, but even more so the brooch and earrings really accentuated the whole outfit. The brooch had beautiful coloured stones and the earrings where just as stunning. We also loved Scarlett Johannson in a dark purple lace dress by Dolce & Gabbanna with a beautiful colourful cocktail ring. Statement jewellery seemed to be a real trend this year with one piece that really stood out like a cocktail ring or a brooch or beautiful statement earrings. We also loved the understated style of  Michelle Williams in a Chanel dress and Harry Winston diamond earrings. You can get the same earrings for half the price, the small swarovski crystal earrings.

We cant wait for the rest of the awards to take place this year to see what the stars are going to wear to them. Keep up to date on all the awards ceremonies this year on our blog.