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23 February

What costume jewellery are you wearing?

Costume jewellery is theĀ  must have accessory to have this year. Every high street shop and online costume jewellery shop has costume jewellery as the must have accessory to have. So what costume jewellery are you wearing and what is your favourite costume jewellery? Here we have some of our favourites.

Costume jewellery can come in many different shapes sizes styles and colours and so what costume jewellery you decide to wear or buy really does depend on what you are or will be wearing. One of our favourite costume jewellery is hair accessories. They can really add a great twist to any outfit whether used as wedding jewellery or prom jewellery. We also love cocktail rings.They can be worn to work or to a fabulous party.

Whatever costume jewellery you do decide to wear or to buy just remember you cannot have enough costume jewellery to wear with all your outfits.


22 February

Oscars Costume Jewellery 2011

So the Oscars are this weekend and the stars will well and truely be out in style including the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But what we all want to see is what beautiful outfits and costume jewellery are the stars of 2011 going to wear? We are here to tell you what we think most of the stars will be wearing this year at the Oscars as their costume jewellery.

From what we have seen so far from the awards season it looks as though many celebrities have opted for small crystal earrings and crystal bracelets. Some have gone a little crazier in thier costume jewellery like Miley Cyrus at the Grammys stacking up many bangles, but she can be forgiven as shes still young and finding her way.

We think that more than likey celebrity costume jewellery will be mmore glamorous at the Oscars, with many more chandelier earrings large cuff bracelets and statement cocktail rings being seen on the red carpet.


19 February

Wedding costume jewellery for 2011

Wedding season has began, and the hunt for the perfect costume jewellery is on! So, what resources do you have available?

For shopping online for wedding costume jewellery start with reputable magazine websites. The often have directories where there are lists of retailers and designers.

Other resources include blogs, such as this blog. Advise that people in the industry have are a great and helful insight into wedding jewellery and the jewellery industry.

Twitter has also become more and more popular. Follow your favourate designers and retailers as they will discuss new issues, and upcoming shows, which are ideal for knowledge!

Love Shefaly

15 February

Costume jewellery at the Grammys

Awards season is now in full swing and this weekend just gone saw the Grammys take place in full swing with major artists like Rhianna and Lady Gaga wearing stunning outfits and accessorising with beautiful costume jewellery. So what were the main trends at the Grammies this year.

Apart from lady gagas awesome entrance in an incubating pod(yes you read right!) there was Rhianna who was in a stunning Galianio gown with beatufil stud earrings.Beyonce paired her black body suit with a long crystal necklace.And J-Lo had stunning chandelier earrings on to match her oh so short silver dress.

So the Grammys as ever well filled with elaborate and also very sexy outifts and costume jewellery and we cant wait to see what the Oscars will have in store for us.

6 February

Heart jewellery

Valentines day is all but 7 days away and since you are probably only just thinking about what costume jewellery you are going to buy as Valentines day present we thought we would help you along with what we think would be the best costume jewellery present and so fitting for Valentines day this year.

Heart jewellery can make a fantastic Valentines day gift especially since hearts is the main theme of Valentines day. Heart jewellery is a great way to show the woman in our life how much you love her. So what type of heart jewellery can you buy? Well you could buy a stunning heart necklace like a pink heart necklace. Or you could buy her a stunning gold heart necklace and earring set which would really impress her.

If you dont think hearts are her thing then why no buy her a stunning pair of chandelier earrings or a beautiful cocktail ring? Or better still, buy her all three and really score some brownie points.


4 February

Bright costume jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different styles, shapes and sizes. But dont forget that costume jewellery can also come in many different colours as well. Bright costume jewellery is really making waves this season, but it can be hard to find the perfect bright costume jewellery piece to match your outfit. This is where online costume jewellery shops can help.

Bright costume jewellery can be difficult to find but with online costume jewellery shops you have a better chance of success for finding the perfect bright costume jewellery piece. So you can go for a bright cocktail ring, bright earrings or bright bracelet which can match your bright spring wardrobe.

If you need help choosing your bright costume jewellery drop us a line here and we will help you chose the best piece of bright costume jewellery for your perfect outfit.


3 February

Wedding jewellery for wedding belles

Wedding season will soon be upon us again, as soon as spring hits,many brides will be out dress shopping and wedding jewellery shopping. But as we always remind you, there is generally no real wedding season with couples deciding to get married anytime if the year nowadays.

Wedding jewellery is an essential part of a girls big day, and it doesnt just stop at the brides wedding jewellery. You have to think about what the bridesmaids will wear as bridesmaids jewellery, what will your mother wear as well as jewellery on your big day and also what crystal cufflinks will the groom wear on his big day? As your wedding jewellery you could wear a stunning crystal set or beautiful crystal chandelier earrings. There is also crystal cufflinks for your groom and grooms men as well.

Whatever wedding jewellery you decide to wear on your big day just remember that it is your big day and you should wear what you feel comfortable in and what is your style.


1 February

Valentines gifts for men

With 14 days exactly to Valentines Day, have you bought your Valentines day gift yet for your man. Nowadays Valentines day is for men just as much as women. And so you should start thinking about Valentines Day gifts for the man in your life too. So what can you buy when it comes to costume jewellery for your man?

Well what is better than a pair of sparkly crystal cufflinks? They suit more or less any man in your life, whether its for your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband. Crystal cufflinks can be worn to work or on a special occasion and they are the type of gift that would last for years to come, maybe even worn on your wedding day!

Costume jewellery isnt just for women, its for men too and crystal cufflinks are a great present for that special man in your life, whether its your husband that you have been married to for many years, or your first date.