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Can you believe Christmas has only just come and gone and we are thinking about Valentines day already!? Well you only have a few days until the day to celebrate Love and all things associated with it comes on February 14th. So have you thought about what costume jewellery you will be buying your loved one whether its for a girlfriend,boyfriend,sister or mother, dont forget any loved ones this year.

Costume jewellery is one of the best presents to give a loved one. If its for your girlfriend, whether you have known her for years or only a few days, costume jewellery is the type of present that looks (and can be if you want it to be) expensive. You can purchase costume jewellery from as little as £10 to as much as £200 and you will definitely be scoring brownie points. For an older woman you may be looking for more elegant, refined costume jewellery, and in this case costume jewellery is great as you can buy a brooch, perhaps a crystal brooch or pearl brooch, or perhaps some pearl jewellery like a pearl set.

Costume jewellery is great as a gift for men too. You can buy the man in your life a pair of crystal cufflinks, they make a great Valentines day gift.


24 January

Costume jewellery for Spring Summer 2011

The new trends in clothing, accessories and in particular costume jewellery for Speing Summer 2011 are now coming out onto our high streets. All the big high street brands have taken from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi to come up with their own take on this Spring/Summers trends.

The main trend we can see with most the designers is that there is a lot of 70′s influence. To see what we mean just have a look at Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver and Michelle Pfiffer in Scarface to get an idea of the types of clothing and jewellery the 70′s style encompasses. There is also alot of bright colours on most of the catwalks as well as minimalism showing a real come back. What does this mean for costume jewellery. Well you could go for brightly coloured jewellery, like a bright bracelet for example. Or better still follow the main key trend that is to have a statement hair clip in your hair and a large statement cocktail ring on your finger.

These trends are the ones that are showing on the catwalks and now are present on the high streets and designer stores. They all compliment each really well, but never forget you should always wear what your own style says about you.


We all love Christina Aguilera’s music and nowadays her dress sense as well. Not only has a musci cut across all sorts of genres and styles but so has her dress sense and that includes the costume jewellery and fashion accessories she wears. This was even more prevalent at the Golden Globes this year.

Christina wore a stunning black lace dress by Zuhair Murad at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hills Hotel. The Muscian and film star was nominated ftor best picture and best original song. The dress was stunningly figure hugging and look beautiful with her ruby red lips. She accessorised the outfit with Lorraine Schwartz Jewels and a Valentino Handbag. But costume jewellery are what stood out to us. She was wearing a classic asian wedding jewellery which is the hand panja or finger ring where the bracelet and ring are connected by a length of jewels. It looked beautiful and you can get one for a fraction of the cost.

Have a look at our bracelets for stunning finger rings and if you arent as daring as Christina Aguilera, go for a bold crystal bracelet and a large cocktail ring to finish your look off.


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18 January

Costume jewellery at the Golden Globes 2011

The stars where out in style last weekend as the Golden Globes was hosted in LA. All the beautiful actors and actresses from hollywood and afar came to town to see who was going to get best actress, best actor and best picture and they all looked more stunning than ever before. So what you are all wondering i bet is what were the stars wearing and in particular what costume jewellery where they wearing.

This yesr it seemed as though many actresses kept it fairly understated. Many decided to wear small crystal earrings similar in size and even perhaps in design to our small swarovski crystal earrings. Some of the more daring actresses wore beautiful diamond bracelets and also a stunning cocktail ring, like Halle Berry and Diane Argon. But we think the most stunning of all was the heavily pregnant Natalie Portman with her beautiful crystal necklace and crystal bracelet.

Now we are really looking forward to the Oscars where we can see what even more beautiful costume jewellery the actors will be wearing with their beautiful gowns.


Awards season is well and truely on its way. The peoples choice awards have already taken place last weekend, and the Golden Globe, The Oscars and the BAFTA awards and coming soon. So we cant wait to see what the actors and actresses will be wearing this awards season especially what costume jewellery will be adorning their tones tanned bodies!

So what type of costume jewellery do we think will be prominant on the red carpet this year? Well we can definitely already see cocktail rings being a favourite with all the girls. Theres also the clasic diamond necklaces or diamond earrings. But for you to get that look all you have to do is put on a pair of swarovski crystal earrings or cuff bracelet.

Red carpet jewellery or celebrity costume jewellery is a great way to update your look and get all the tips on how to accessorise your look by watching the awards ceremonies this season.