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23 December

Wedding jewellery at Christmas

Christmas isnt always all about turkey and stuffing! Many brides decide to have a wedding at Christmas as its such a special time of year and many brides want to celebrate at this special time. So what type of wedding jewellery do brides wear on their special day especially being Christmas and all?

Well as its Christmas we do love everything that sparkles so the best thing to wear on such a magical occasion and on such a special day is sparkly costume jewellery. This can be crystal costume jewellery. So you could wear crystal earrings or a crystal bracelet for example which would look stunning on your big day. Wedding jewellery doesnt have to stay in clear or neutral colours at this time of year as well. Since its Christmas you can incorporate beautiful reds and greens into your wedding jewellery to look extra Christmassy.

Weddings at Christmas time or so beautiful and ever so special that you have to make sure that you go with the whole Christmas theme and keeps things sparkly and glistening to reflect the time of year.


22 December

Costume jewellery for girls in Christmas

Costume jewellery isnt just for us older ladies, its a great little gift for the little girl in your life whether its for your duaghter, niece or granddaughter. Costume jewellery can make a great Christmas present or birthday present, but what type of costume jewellery is suitable for little girls?

Well you could always go for the obvious like a necklace or a pair of earrings, but the greatest little costume jewellery accessory for a little girl is hair accessories. They look stunning against long or short hair, plaited or pony tailed hair. Hair accessories wise, pony bands are a great present, as are little hair claws and little hair slides.

Costume jewellery for girls at Christmas or at any time of the year will make any little girl in your life really happy as girls love sparkly things, and especially sparkly jewellery. And besides, it will keep the little angel out of your jewellery box, for a little while anyways.


21 December

bright costume jewellery for christmas

Costume jewellery needs to stand out for the big impact you want to make at any party, family gathering, or social event. Where can you find such costume jewellery? Online of course! Online costume jewellery shops are all over the internet, ad serve worldwide.

You can find a host of companies, many of which can supply before xmas. this will allow you to get the best costume jewellery to match your outfit for the festive season!

Take a look at the large collection of bangles, earrings, necklaces and brooches at We also have great gift ideas as well. More so, you can find that we offer free gift wrap for xmas and new years! Ohh yes, dont forget new years jewellery as well!!

Love. Shefaly

20 December

New Years Eve Costume jewellery

Christmas is only but days away and you must have decided by now what you will be wearing to the different dinners and parties this holiday season including what costume jewellery you will be wearing too. Well before you know it it will be New Years Eve and you will not have considered what your New Years even costume jewellery is going to be!

Well you may have had a whole lot of costume jewellery listed on your presents list so you may be waiting to get something from that list to wear as your accessory on New Years Eve. But what if your other half didnt pick up on those hints and didnt buy you that special piece of costume jewellery that you wanted? Well you could always do some last minute costume jewellery shopping online at an online costume jewellery shop, and with many provding free next day delivery you will definitely get it in time for New Years Eve.

So whether you decide to wear chandelier earrings, cocktail rings, crystal bracelets or a choker set, get ready for New Years Eve 2010 by purchasing your costume jewellery online.


Costume jewellery doesn’t only have to be for women or for men. Nowadays a lot of accessories in children’s clothes stores or on online costume jewellery shops are aimed towards children. This has shown an ever increasing trend to buy costume jewellery for children’s, whether it is for a girl’s birthday present or as a christening present.

Children’s costume jewellery can come in many different varieties. There can be children’s bracelets, children’s earrings or children’s necklaces. At Shefaly, we specialise in children’s hair jewellery. Our tiny hair claws are especially great as children’s hair jewellery. Or there are our hair slides like our little crystal daisy hair slides.

However the great thing is our hair accessories are great as children’s jewellery but also for you!


17 December

Brooches worn in bridal hair

Brooches, especially crystal brooches, can be worn on your coat lapel, pashmina, as a fashion accessory on your jeans, as a shoe brooch, or the best and newest way you can wear it is as a brooch worn in bridal hair.

What a great way to use a piece of costume jewellery. A brooch in your hair! Ok admittedly you should look at wearing a smaller, more delicate brooch n your hair. For example the crystal and pearl brooch or the Elixir pearl brooch or the flowering crystal and pearl brooch.

Brooches are an amazing accessory which is so underused- try one and see how addicted you can get to this little costume jewellery accessory.


14 December

Crystal costume jewellery

Crystal costume jewellery is the type of costume jewellery that can be worn with any outfit any time. It’s the type of costume jewellery that can make you look beautiful on your wedding day when worn as wedding jewellery or can make you look glamorous when worn as prom jewellery. It’s versatile, and comes in so many different styles.

Crystal costume jewellery basically encompasses all types of costume jewellery like chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets, and necklace and earrings sets. In addition there is the recent trend of wearing hair jewellery which is crystal hair jewellery to many different types of occasions like weddings and proms and balls.

So there you have it, crystal costume jewellery doesn’t need to be worn just as wedding jewellery it can be worn as prom jewellery and even to work.


14 December

Fashion & Costume jewellery for the season!

As we come up to the festive run, all the shops are running dry of jewellery and its a big manic fuss on the high street! Remember that you can still do an easy shop from home, and have goods posted out to you in time for xmas! Best for relaxed costume jewellery shopping

Many companies, such as Shefaly, offer gift packaging and wrapping at no extra cost. So make use of this easy method, and beat the rush on the high street!

From Glam sparkling bracelets, to shimmering crystal keyrings- funky jewel mirrors to large red earrings, its all possible online!

Love, Shefaly

So for all you out there who have yet to buy their Christmas presents, what is the best gift you can give your wife,girlfriend,colleague or best friend this Christmas and won’t cost you an arm and a leg? Well as far as costume jewellery goes cocktail rings are a great gift as women love it and it can match any outfit and can be a great present for more or less anybody.

When choosing a cocktail ring as a gift if you know the person well then its best to go with a type of cocktail ring that you know they would wear. If they generally wear small costume jewellery then go for a small cocktail ring that would suit them best. But you can still go for a colourful cocktail ring to make it that extra special. Or if you know that they like statement costume jewellery go for a larger cocktail ring. Something like the Topaz Icicles cocktail ring would be great.

And the great thing about cocktail rings is that they are adjustable to fit any ring size and you therefore do not have to know the person’s ring size when purchasing our cocktail rings!


Costume jewellery, especially in red, is a must for the work xmas parties! But what red jewellery to be worn? Well you can choose from red brooches, red earrings, red necklace set, red cocktail rings….the list is endless.

We have chosen our top sellers for the christmas festive season of jewellery we think are the best buys for thanks giving and xmas alike.

Above is our top selling ring, which will ensure you hands look stunning at any xmas work party!

Heres a perfect red hair slide which would finish off any hair style for the party.

And, finally the stunning festive red pearl brooch, perfect for a black dress!

For any of these beautiful jewellery pieces, take a look at

Love, Shefaly