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26 November

Hair accessories for all hair lengths

Hair accessories can add a touch of glamour and elegance to your outfit, whether its used as wedding jewellery, Christmas jewellery or prom jewellery. But many people think that hair accessories cant be used on short hair for example as you cant tie your short hair up. But you sure can use just about most hair accessories with most hairstyles and lengths. Hair accessories are generally very versatile and so can be used for all sorts of hair.

With short hair you can use hair accessories. Hair accessories are often the answer to how to add a different look to your hair on a big event, since many short styles you cant do much else with it. You can wear a stunning crystal headband, or a small hair clip for example.For mid length hair you can use a small hair comb or hair claw on the side of your head to make this length look stunning.For long hair you reallly are spoilt for choice since you can have any style of hair and use any typr of hair accessory depending on the look you are going for. You can use stunning hair pins in a bun, or you can use a sparkly hair band on a ponytail.

You really are spoilt for choice now when it comes to hair accessories, especially with many people now even using things like necklaces and brooches as hair accessories. You can now even get indian hair jewellery to add a little twist to you hair, so you can wear a hair tikka for example which would look stunning.


Costume jewellery is not only just found in online costume jewellery shops, but costume jewellery is now so prevalent on the high street that you can literally find it on any high street shop. And nowadays you also get costume jewellery being designed by alot of well known designers.

For example you have Lanvin who has desgined a collection of clothes and accessories for H&M. Not only are the clothes fabulous but you also have stunning costume jewellery that he has designed.It beautiful and so in trend with the look on the catwalks but also affordable to you and me. There is also the designer costume jewellery range from the likes of Dior and Chanel and even though it may not be as cheap as Lanvins collection at H&M it is still afforadable if you want to buy a few one off pieces.

Costume jewellery is now available to everyone whatever your budget is, but if you want truely unique pieces look at online costume jewellery shops to find that piece thats truely one off and so you.


22 November

Christmas costume jewellery

The coutdown to Christmas begins! And with only just under 5 weeks left for Christmas, all the Christmas parties and get togthers have started now. So what type of Christmas costume jewellery are you going to wear this year? Well you are spoilt for choice when it comes to costume jewellery.

Well if you really want to look festive why not go for some festive costume jewellery like red costume jewellery or green costume jewellery. So your costume jewellery will look just as sparkly as your Christmas tree then. Or if you want a contemporary look then go for gold costume jewellery like gold earrings or silver costume jewellery.

Christmas costume jewellery is great to wear to Christmas parties and during your Christmas holidays, so go on, spoil yourself this Christmas.


19 November

Kim Kardashian’s new costume jewellery line

So Kim Kardashian is not only taking America by storm but also taking the world by storm. She not only co-owns Dash, the clothing stores in USA, but has also started her own line of costume jewellery which is fairly affordable too. Kim Kardashian has a great business brain on her and she sees whats great about costume jewellery.

Kim Kardashians costume jewellery range has an Armenian influence to it, as her and her family are Armenian ofcourse. She loves spikes and hence has a lot of spikes in alot of her costume jewellery like the Spike cocktail ring and Spike Necklace. The costume jewellery and fashion jewellery and accessories line was launched at BeBe in New York just a few days ago, and is absoloutely stunning if we do say so ourselves.

We hope that Kim and her sisters soon launch their line here as we would be the first in line to stock the fanastic and elegant costume jewellery and accessories.


18 November

Wholesale costume jewellery

We feel that costume jewellery should be availble to all and especially when its stunning, elegant costume jewellery like ours. So why not buy some wholesale costume jewellery for your shop or online jewellery boutique so that you can give your customers such sophistcated and beautfiul fashion jewellery and costume jewellery?

At Shefaly Jewellery we wholesale all our costume jewellery and fashion jewellery so that you can get the best choice and range of costume jewellery this side of the stars. No other online costume jewellery store has as comprehensive a selection of fashion jewellery, costume jewellery and wedding jewellery as Shefaly does.

So if you want to stock our fashion jewellery,costume jewellery or wedding jewellery then drop us a line here at Shefaly and we will aim to provide you with the best jewellery available.


18 November

Sorry we’ve been away for a wh…

Sorry we’ve been away for a while! We have been out searching for new costume jewellery for all our trendy followers!xx

Theres so much going on in the world of costume jewellery and wedding jewellery that it can be hard to keep a track of whats new with costume jewellery and wedding jewellery. Shefaly is constantly updating their costume jewellery and wedding jewellery collection all year round, and over the coming few months you will see a whole new range and style of costume jewellery and wedding jewellery coming your way.

As far as costume jewellery goes, there will a whole new range of chandelier earrings, bracelets and crystal sets. These are all ideal as prom jewellery or evening jewellery. The styles in costume jewellery will be contempory yet chic and elegant. There will also be a range or vintage costume jewellery to the whole Shefaly collection. And with regards to wedding jewellery, a whole range of crystal wedding jewellery from a range of new designers will also come onto our online costume jewellery shop.

So if you are looking for the unique piece of costume jewellery or wedding jewellery then look no further than Shefaly’s online jewellery shop.


So you must be thinking about your Christmas presents for this year if you havent already bought them. And with Christmas around the corner, if you havent bought your Christmas presents yet then you really need to make a move on.One great idea for a Christmas present is Children’s costume jewelleryChildren’s jewellery can make such a great and special gift, and it really doesnt have to be expensive.

Children’s jewellery is such a great way to make any child feel special.And as far as costume jewellery goes, you can buy all sorts of children’s jewellery. For example, crystal studs are a great present for girls of all ages.They look stunning on Christmas day!Then there is the ultimate in costume jewellery which is hair accessories. You can little girls a cute butterfly kirby grip, or a crystal hair slide, all which look stunning on girls of all ages. Little girls also love costume jewellery like bracelets and necklaces.

Children’s jewellery has come a long way since the days of our mums putting in black kirby girps in our hair! And with childrens loving things like X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, buying little girls more adult type sparkly childrens jewellery is a great treat at Christmas as a Christmas present.


10 November

Crystal fashion jewellery for Christmas

So Christmas is a mere 6 weeks away and most of you are already planning where you will be holding your Chritsmas work parties and whose going to be coming over on what day over Christmas. But most importantly you will be planning what you will be wearing at these events, and what fashion jewellery you will use to accessorise your outfits with. So what fashion jewellery should you be wearing this Christmas?

Well we think, since Christmas is all about sprakle and glamour, crystal fashion jewellery is the best type of fashion jewellery to be wearing to your Christmas parties.Sparkly fashion jewellery is great as you look like you are really in the festive mood as well as crystal fashion jewellery looks expensive and so elegant. You can also buy crystal fashion jewellery as a present for loved ones. For example a crystal brooch is a great present for your mum or grandmother. And crystal earrings are great for a girlfriend or sister. You can even buy crystal cufflinks for the man or woman in your life. They are designer cufflinks, nowhere else to be seen!

If you want help choosing crystal fashion jewellery for a loved one, drop us a line and we will do our best to select the finest and most elegant fashion jewellery.


3 November

Antique costume jewellery

So many people nowadays love the look of anything antique, whether its furniture,cars or costume jewellery even. Those people who are fond of Antique costume jewellery has grown over the years and many people now search for antique costume jewellery when it comes to buying jewellery as their wedding jewellery or prom jewellery or as christmas present jewellery. So what is it about antique costume jewellery that people like so much and what is classed as antique costume jewellery?

Antique costume jewellery are those pieces of costume jewellery that looks,or is actually from an long time ago. So it could be a heirloom, that your mother or grandmother or her mother passed onto you. Or it could be a piece of jewellery that you have found in a thrift shop, or in a car boot sale. Antique costume jewellery can also be found on the net in online costume jewellery shops. There is the antique hair slide, or antique pearl and crystal headband. Antique brooches are also a great piece of costume jewellery and are very much an heirloom. Even if they arent an heirloom, you can buy a piece of antique looking costume jewellery in an online costume jewellery shop and make it an heirloom by passing it down to loved ones.

Antique costume jewellery can make a great Christmas present for your mum or grandmother, and is also great when used as wedding jewellery or evening jewellery.