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There are many types of bangles and bracelets, especially as costume jewellery. As the festive season approaches, the questions are what colours to go for, and how to finish off the seasonal and fashionista look.

Costume jewellery bangles and bracelets can be found all over the place, and in many colours and finishes. Shefaly house of jewels have a wide collection of bangles and bracelets – from vintage looking, antique looking, gold or silver costume bangles, all can be found in one area.

You may be a ware that may celebs are also seen wearing not just one, but 2 bangles at a time – this is for the glam impact. We believe this as well, the more the better – but less than 4!

We have a vast collection of colours, from pinks, reds, purples and crystal. Take a look at the costume jewellery bangles and the costume jewellery bracelets sections of our site!

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Vintage costume jewellery is truely the best type of costume jewellery to wear if you really like costume jewellery. Costume jewellery comes in many different sizes,shapes and styles, but vintage costume jewellery is classic and elegant. It can really suit more or less any type of function whether its used as wedding jewellery or as prom jewellery. But what types of vintage costume jewellery can you get? What styles are there when it comes to vintage costume jewellery?

Well vintage costume jewellery like we said comes in many styles. So if you are looking for a hair accessory vintage hair slide or a vintage crystal headband is a great piece of hair accessory. Head bands are very in trend at the moment and can look great as wedding jewellery, or prom jewellery. You can also wear vintage necklace and earring sets as wedding jewellery or prom jewellery. Vintage sets look stunning for any occasion. You can also wear vintage cocktail rings, even as work jewellery, as it is so demure yet very pretty.

What jewellery you decide to wear, whether costume jewellery,gold jewellery or silver jewellery or vintage costume jewellery you will look stunning in anything!


26 October

Wedding jewellery for winter wedding belles

Just because its October doesnt mean that weddings arent still happening. There is no longer a real wedding season, and autumn and winter weddings are still as popular as ever. So what type of wedding jewellery is best for winter wedding belles? This can be a hard choice to make as your dress and your theme maybe very different to what a summer bride might have and you know and have in the past been to so many summer weddings, so what do you wear as wedding jewellery to a winter wedding!?

As the bride you have to think about your dress and your wedding theme when you are thinking about your wedding jewellery. So if you are wearing a vintage style wedding dress then as your winter wedding jewellery you should go for vintage wedding jewellery. Then there is ofcourse a Christmas themed wedding. You could go for sparkly wedding jewellery for this type of wedding especially if you are wearing a sparkly wedding dress.

Wedding jewellery is all about sparkle. White wedding jewellery is all about the bride. What do we mean by white jewellery? Pearls of course! Pearl wedding jewellery adds that elegance to the bride, and completes that outfit for the one and only special day for any bride to be.

Pearl jewellery can come in a variety of colours, as you get whote pearls and ivory fresh water pearls. This can be infused into hair jewellery for the bride, or into some delicate or grande earrings, toped with a perfect necklace to suit that neck line!

Pearl hair accessories are also a great addition. It could be a pearl head band, Pearl tiara or pearl hair slides and pearl hair jewellery. For great pearl ideas visit this link.

Lets not also forget the all be diamonds!

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23 October

Lilac costume jewellery….a growing trend

Costume jewellery can come in many colours. But, lilac costume jewellery, or purple jewellery is really leading new ground.

Shefaly house of jewels has a range of different colours of costume jewellery, and the recent trends in the market is pointing towards a boom in purple jewellery. You can find a host of colours on the shefaly comprehensive e-commerce site.

Purple costume jewellery suits weddings, parties and christmas events alike. Whatever your style or outfit, this is must for AW 2010. Costume jewellery can be a pair of earrings, a necklace set, hair accessories, a bangle or bracelet, and even the modern design of the indian tikka or hair gem.

What you choose to accessorise your colour theme outfit is up to you. Some dont feel comfortable with hair jewellery, whilst with the young having that as an essential!

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22 October

Diwali costume jewellery

Diwali, the festival of lights, is on the 5th November this year. Its a special time of year because everyone gets all dressed up and goes to each others houses to wish everyone a happy new year, since Diwali is seen as the hind new year. So what are girls going to wear as their costume jewellery this year? Whats in trend when it comes to asian costume jewellery and how can you get the look?

Costume jewellery is costume jewellery at the end of the day whether its indian costume jewellery or european costume jewellery. So why do we differentiate between the to? Well indian costume jewellery is a lot more big, statement, colourful and altogether bling. This diwali is no exception. This diwali wear a pair of statement earrings, or a statement cocktail ring. These can be any colour, literally, since your indian outfit will be just as colourful. You can even wear a hair tikka, which is authentically indian costume jewellery. Even a finger ring or what indians call a panja which is a ring attached to a bracelet would look stunning this diwali.

If you have any ideas of what costume jewellery our readers can wear this diwali, why not drop us a line below and share your thoughts?


So the weekend is looming and so is Katy Perry’s wedding to Russell brand in exotic India. From what we have heard is that it will be a full on Indian wedding with elephants and indian clothing and what we were wondering was if Katy will wear indian costume jewellery. Well if she is having an indian exotic theme wedding she will definitely be wearing indian costume jewellery we think. But what type of costume jewellery should  she wear?

Well as far as indian costume jewellery goes there are alot of trends and styles available, and it really does depend on what type of dress and colour theme Katy Perry is going to have. Nowadays alot of indians have weddings that have a european twist to it so the bride would wear a white dress with an alternative indian feel to it with crystal bridal jewellery as their costume jewellery. Or if the bride decides to have a traditional asian wedding then the bride can go for a full on red and gold costume jewellery, to match their red dress with gold embroidery. And then there is a change of outift for the reception and for this you can have just about any colour costume jewellery.

We cant wait to see the photos from Katy Perry’s wedding to Russell Brand. Keep a look out on our blog for the photos from the wedding.


20 October

Costume jewellery as a Christmas present…

We have always said how versatile costume jewellery is to wear. You can wear it as wedding jewellery, evening jewellery even as prom jewellery. But, since many of you are probably just starting to think about Christmas presents, what about giving costume jewellery as a Christmas present. You can give costume jewellery to your mum, sister, husband, boyfriend, well just about anyone really as costume jewellery is just so versatile like that.

So what costume jewellery could you give and to whom. Well if you thinking about giving costume jewellery to a man in your life, crystal cufflinks are a great Christmas present. They aren’t very expensive, but look so incredibly stylish and expensive you would think they are from a designer like Dior!. Or if you are looking for costume jewellery as a present for your mum or sister or even your wife or girlfriend, you can give a beautiful crystal bracelet, crystal earrings or crystal necklace. And she will be so grateful as she can wear it to the New Year’s Eve Party you are going to (or even staying in for!).

Cosutme jewellery as a Christmas present is a great way of showing how much you love someone and appreciate them this Christmas so make sure you show this to all those you love by giving them costume jewellery this Christmas.


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19 October

Christmas party jewellery – 2010 trends

If you have been down to the high street recently you must have noticed that there has been a burst of Christmas – and its only October! But 2010 has gone by so quick that before you know it your work chirstmas party will be here and you wont have prepared for it at all. So think about your christmas party jewellery to accessorise your look with now so that you dont get caught out nearer the time, when you have so many other things to think about like Christmas presents and Christmas dinner.

Christmas party jewellery is a great way of finishing off your outfit with real class and finesse (even though you might not end the Christmas party in that way!). So what could you wear as your Christmas jewellery? Well you could go for classic black costume jewellery, like black earrings and black cocktail ring. Or you could go for crystal costume jewellery like crystal chandelier earrings or crystal hair accessories which will look like you added a bit of bling and sparkle to your outfit. You could even go for Christmas colour costume jewellery, like red costume jewellery or green costume jewellery which will really add a Christmas feel to your party jewellery.

Whatever type of costume jewellery or party jewellery you decide to wear, have a great, safe Christmas and make sure you party hard this 2010!


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18 October

Beautiful wedding jewellery….

When you are  the blushing bride you want to have the most stunning dress, venue, shoes and most importantly wedding jewellery. A bride must have beautiful wedding jewellery, and whats classed as beautiful wedding jewellery, well thats what we are here to tell you. Wedding jewellery comes in so many different styles, shapes, designs and colours that you really are spoilt for choice so you need some guidance in choosing your wedding jewellery.

Whatever wedding dress you chose (which will be the first this you will chose over your jewellery) thats whats going to dictate what wedding jewellery you are going to chose. So if you have a plunging neckline then you are going to probably want a crystal necklace that can accentuate this plunging neckline. Or if you have a strapless gown you might want to only go for chandelier earrings to show off your beautiful neckline. Also if you have a heavily embroidered wedding gown you might want to go for lighter costume jewellery like small stud earrings or a delicate bracelet.

Wedding jewellery is also a very personal choice of costume jewellery. You might want to go with what you are comfortable in and also what matches your theme aswell.


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