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30 September

anyone bought any sparkly new …

anyone bought any sparkly new #costumejewellery recently!?

30 September

new #hairaccessories coming in…

new #hairaccessories coming in soon especially for Strictly Come Dancing- keep a look out on our site

29 September

Gold Costume jewellery

Gold costume jewellery is very much under used as far as costume jewellery goes. Gold costume jewellery can make outfits look beautiful and add a bit of class and elegance to any outfit. Gold costume jewellery can come in many different styles and designs and can be used in a variety of ways.

Gold costume jewellery is stunning as costume jewellery for Autumn as it really does look great with Autumnal colours. Gold costume jewellery can come in so many different shades of gold from light gold to topaz that it can match the browns the creams that are so in for this season. So you could wear a gold brooch on your lapel of your new brown winter coat, or gold earrings with your beautiful cream knitted cardigan.

Gold costume jewellery also looks stunning as bridal jewellery, especially if you are having a destination wedding on a beach as gold jewellery can look so beautiful when the sun hits it.


28 September

Asian bridal jewellery

Bridal jewellery comes in many different styles shapes and sizes, and asian bridal jewellery is no different. Asian bridal jewellery can come in many different sizes, some necklaces and sets being so large and heavy you would think how do women wear these!? Then you have the unique pieces of asian bridal jewellery that is only seen within this category of bridal jewellery and thats things like finger rings or panjas and hair tikkas which is a hair accessory.

So asian bridal jewellery is generally red and gold jewellery, but nowadays crystal and silver is also very applicable since many asian weddings now dont incorporate the traditional colours of red and gold. Asian bridal jewellery isnt only for indian weddings but it can also be worn to english weddings as well especially if you have an asian wedding theme.

If you want help choosing your asian bridal jewellery then drop us a line here and we will give you as much help and advice as we can.


27 September

What’s new in the world of wedding jewellery?

Wedding jewellery, like costume jewellery, also has ever changing trends and styles. Not only can wedding jewellery come in different shapes and sizes, but also in colours and designs so if you are planning a wedding and thinking about buying wedding jewellery think about what’s new in the world of wedding jewellery.

At the moment wedding jewellery lovers and trend setters are still looking at statement pieces of wedding jewellery to really finish your wedding outfit off. So you can go for statement hair accessories, like a head headbad like the crystal burst headband, or you can go for statement earrings like chandelier earrings like the vintage crystal earrings. Also, a real trend in wedding jewellery at the moment is vintage wedding jewellery, pieces of wedding jewellery that remind you of the 1940′s perhaps or Marilyn Monroe style of costume jewellery.

Whatever you decide to wear as wedding jewellery on your wedding day, just remember that this is your wedding day, and it should be your style of wedding jewellery that you should wear and feel comfortable in.


25 September

Large bangles, in many colours…

Large bangles, in many colours, finished with sparkly swarovski crystals – now in stock! This seasons must have!

25 September

#hair accessories are a must f…

#hair accessories are a must for tonights outfit for when i go to central london tonight!im thinking an elegant crystal butterfly slide..

25 September

What a lovely sunny day! time …

What a lovely sunny day! time to get some clothes shopping done to match the latest jewellery collection which is in!

25 September

15% off everything at www.shef…

15% off everything at with code September2010 until 1st october!get your Xmas shopping in early :)

23 September

shefaly jewellery are looking …

shefaly jewellery are looking for models to photo the latest collection of jewellery! any takers?