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30 August

Jewellery for Eid – now in stock

Shefaly House of Jewels, has a great collection of jewellery just for Eid 2010. There are many colours available, and the delivery is quick! But, be sure to order soon, as time is running out, and stocks will run low very quickly!

Shefaly Jewellery is also now available at, this new retailer sells designer Jewellery and hair accessories to a worldwide market, and we are happy to be connected with this new retailers and wholesaler!

Love, Shefaly

30 August

Shefaly Jewellery in the press – 2010

Shefaly Costume Jewellery has been featured in 2010 more than it has any previous year, so whats the summary?!

Shefaly has been in many magazine, shows and media related activities in 2010. The most notable of them being in UK press, US press, and in some Asia publications.

TV has also had a good viewing! The shows are mainly in the UK, due to the amount of attention make up artists, and producers spend in deciding what to feature, and therefore Shefaly has to be involved personally.

To take a detailed look, check out the recently updated press page!

Love Shefaly

30 August

How to identify the quality of your jewellery

Jewellery can often be very hard to assess in terms of quality, especially costume jewellery.

This article will give a few pointers of what you should look out for to know what the quality is of the jewellery you are buying.

1) Have a look at the store/website, and see what details you get on each of the products. Where are they made? what material is used?

2) When you get the products, take a look at the quality yourself, does it look well made, look like what you ordered?

3) Whats the return policy for where you are shopping? If the quality is good, then the store will offer easy returns for customers.

4) Look at blogs/Online/other stores, and compare prices, this is a good way to assess the price/quality check.

Hope the above helps! if you have any questions feel free to reply to this post!

Love, Shefaly

29 August

Brooches, the new hair accessory?

Are brooches really suitable for hair accessories? Can brides really do this? Will the make up lady agree? Well, the answer is a YES!

Brooches make perfect hair jewellery! A brooch can be easily attached with the black thin hair slides, and this is attached to the pin of the brooch!

This means that no only does a brooch have more than one use, it can also be worn in more than one way! Many brides and bridesmaids have caught onto this trend, and it makes the selection that much more.

So, if your getting married, make sure you take a look at the brooches section of the Shefaly and other websites!

Love, Shefaly

29 August

Bollywood Jewellery in the UK

Bollywood jewellery is all about the bling, the colour and the sparke. It is essentailly more detailed costume jewellery, with serious colour!

Bollywood jewellery itself may not even be made in india as one may imagine. The beaded items, and bangles are often made in india, but the crystal and sparkle jewellery is often made in eastern Europe or even China!

Shefaly House of jewels has based many of its designs on bollywood, but none of the jewellery is from India! That does not mean that in the future this will be the case, but for the timebeing its swarovski and czech crystals all the way!!



26 August

Shefaly 2009 on Strictly – web chats!

Please see the attached article which outlines the Shefaly Hair Jewellery used on the last series of Strictly Come Dancing! Lets wait and see what written about the 2010 collection to feature on TV later this year!

As you may, or may not be aware, Shefaly has extended its reach the last year to Bridal Handbags – and we are not talking about the collection on Shefaly, over 1 year ago now, launched Shefaly Handbags.

This sister site, which shares the feel and branding of Shefaly London, offers a host of handbags for all occasions. Such as bridal handbags, wedding handbags and evening handbags.

This site, has the same features you would expect from shefaly, such as a broad range of products, all type of lovely colours, and a unique offering. Further, the customer services features on this site speak for themselves. It offers free delivery and free returns in mainland UK, and very competitive rates for US, Asia and Africa.

Take a look soon!

Love, Shefaly

Yes, thats right, Shefaly hair jewellery to feature on BBC’s strictly come dancing 2010! Shefaly has been providing hair accessories and costume jewellery to the show for 4 years now, with amazing PR around it as well.

Main items will feature on the team, and the hair stylist will place the items into the celebs! Shefaly will be sure to to try and attend a few of the shows!

Thanks to the SCD team for choosing Shefaly. Costume jewellery at its best- and with a bling!

Shefaly X

26 August

Costume Jewellery at Shefaly House of Jewels

Its not new news that we sell costume jewellery. But, what we have on offer is. Shefaly House of Jewels is in the process of linking up with a large asian retailer of clothing. Plus, the Shefalt brand will be placed into these stores. So, whats all this mean for costume jewellery? Watch this space!

Great link from the independent Newspaper fro the top 10 cocktail rings!

They featured world famous designers, as well as high street stores such as topshop.

Dont forget to check out the Shefaly cocktails rings range!