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Ok so I know we are still at the beginning of a fabulous summer but we can’t wait for next seasons costume jewellery and fashion jewellery to hit our store. Costume jewellery and fashion jewellery changes with every season as much as clothes do so here’s a little hint on what you can find next season.

Next season there is a lot more statement jewellery, and more than anything statement necklaces and statement cocktail rings. As always these pieces of costume jewellery look fabulous with anything from work wear to that glamorous evening out. When it comes to bridal jewellery, well that’s your choice at the end of the day and what you like to match with your wedding theme and outfit.

Other statement costume jewellery pieces include statement bracelets, statement hair accessories and statement earrings.


The LA premier of “Salt” took place yesterday and the stars were out in true Hollywood style and they looked amazing. There was of course Angelina Jolie who was the true style star of the night, with Brad Pitt on tow as well as her brother James Haven and previously estranged father Jon Voight.

Lie Schrieber was there too with his partner Naomi Watts as well as Kristen Cavallari from the “Hills” showing a lot of cleavage. Angelina Jolie wore a stunning Armani dress and a beautiful black crystal snake bracelet, the same as the one that Shefaly sells below. And then there was Naomi in stunning crystal jewellery, with a beautiful crystal bracelet.

The stars love their costume jewellery and look stunning in it. Why don’t you get star style with Shefaly costume jewellery?


19 July

Costume jewellery on celebrities

Celebrities have a way of inspiring us when it comes to their fashion sense. And for some reason we all seem to look at them for what to wear and how to wear it. This is just as true for the costume jewellery they wear on a daily basis or on a special occasion like the Oscars.

Celebrity costume jewellery can of course be anything from precious jewel jewellery like diamond jewellery but of course that’s mainly at large events like Oscars. But many celebrities on a day to day basis wear costume jewellery like crystal costume jewellery to really finish their outfit off.

Celebrity costume jewellery is a way of following fashion and trends but remember they chose their costume jewellery according to what they like to wear, which you should do to.


13 July

The best bridal jewellery around.

Bridal jewellery is the next most important accessory in a wedding next to the wedding dress, and you really got to make sure you chose the right bridal jewellery. You have to know the right online bridal jewellery shop to shop and you can’t get any better than Shefaly.

Shefaly stocks the most comprehensive range of bridal jewellery and costume jewellery around. Shefaly stocks bridal jewellery that ranges from crystal jewellery to pearl jewellery to beaded jewellery. It’s the type of bridal jewellery that would match any type of wedding dress or wedding theme.

Shefaly has a stunning range of wedding jewellery that can also suit any budget. Shefaly’s wedding jewellery range also consists of cocktail rings, necklaces, chandelier earrings and cuff bracelets. In fact whatever your heart desires!


6 July

Summer 2010 costume jewellery

Summer 2010 is finally here and before you know it, it will be over so make the most of it by wearing what’s in fashion this summer. Whether that’s a maxi dress, daisy dukes or short skirts, pair these up with stunning costume jewellery to really make you look ready for summer 2010.

So what costume jewellery would match your summer 2010 wardrobe? Well like we said the big fashion trend this summer is the maxi dress. Pair up long necklaces with deep cut necks, and cuff bracelets and cocktail rings with long sleeved maxis. When it comes to daisy dukes and short skirts with stunning tanks tops, wear armbands, chandelier earrings and cocktail rings to really finish the look off.

The colours for this summer’s main fashion trends seem to be, the more colourful the better! So pair this up with colourful costume jewellery and you are good to go.


Wedding jewellery is just as important as your wedding dress, and therefore choosing your wedding jewellery is just as important. And it’s funny because you don’t really find many people writing about the best way to choose your wedding jewellery and it’s so important to have these tips.

The first thing we would say is to choose your wedding dress first. Once you got this, then you are ready to choose your wedding jewellery. Your wedding dress will dictate the type of jewellery you will have. Then decide, whether you want pearl jewellery or crystal jewellery, and again this will be dictated by your wedding dress. Finally think about what type of hair accessories you want to wear, tiara, side hair comb, hair slide?

Once you have decided on the above, you have chosen your bridal jewellery successfully. Then you can go and chose your wedding handbags or wedding shoes!


1 July

Crazy crystal costume jewellery

Crystal costume jewellery is a great way to accessorise your look. You can wear crystal costume jewellery on more or less any occasion. You may think it should be worn as bridal jewellery, but it can be worn as evening jewellery or even work jewellery.

Crystal costume jewellery can be anything from chandelier earrings, to cuff bracelets, to necklaces to simple earrings. So the fact that you can wear a whole range of costume jewellery means that you can really wear crystal costume jewellery on any occasion. Simple crystal earrings to work, bracelets for evening out, and necklaces to weddings.

Crystal costume jewellery is a stunning way to make an impact on any occasion and you can wear the same piece over and over again and it would look like it is brand new as you wear it different outfits as it has a tendency of looking impeccable.