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30 June

Beautiful bridal jewellery from Shefaly

Wedding season has well and truly started and for all you wedding belles you are going to have the most fabulous summer this wedding season. But what to wear as your bridal jewellery when it’s this hot !? After all you have to consider the hot sizzling weather when buying costume jewellery.

Why are we talking about the weather when it comes to your bridal jewellery you ask? Well in this extreme heat who can consider wearing costume jewellery. But you have to when it’s your wedding day right. So why not trying to make it a little understated like instead of wearing a necklace wear chandelier earrings and cocktail ring. Or a cuff bracelet and a cocktail ring.

Bridal jewellery is beautiful, and it so can be when it comes to your beautiful summer bridal jewellery and you can find all you want at


29 June

Whats costume jewellery made from?

Costume jewellery is defined as jewellery that is made from  inexpensive metals and imitation or semi precious stones. Inexpensive or non precious metals include materials such as gold plating, silver plating, wood, leather and beads. Costume jewellery is not made from gold, silver, cultured pearls. However Swarovski Crystal jewellery is classed as costume jewellery.

The best example of costume jewellery is what you see on the Shefaly | House of Jewels website. They provide a range of costume jewellery from necklaces, earrings, cocktail rings and bracelets to cufflinks for men and women.

Whatever you decide to wear when it comes to fashion jewellery and costume jewellery, wear it with style, and wear what feels comfortable on you and you are sure to dazzle all around you!


28 June

Statement cocktail rings for summer 2010

We all know that statement costume jewellery is still so in fashion, but this summer your main fashion accessory should be the statement cocktail ring. Cocktail rings are a great way to finish your outfit off and any cocktail ring would go with any outfit.

Cocktail rings are so prominent in so many music videos at the moment like Keri Hilsons new video and also in Pixie Lotts new video. Have a look out in both their videos for their large cocktail rings which really do make a statement.

Cocktail rings are a great piece of bridal jewellery too. You can wear it with your stunning sleeveless wedding dress or on top of your wedding gloves for true Hollywood glamour.


If you are  having your wedding day this summer then you are probably looking at adding the finishing touches to your wedding, including your wedding jewellery and wedding accessories. So what costume jewellery should you be seen in this beautiful summer 2010?

Well when it comes to wedding jewellery you can look at what fashion is dictating so you can go for statement jewellery. Or you can look at what will match your wedding outfit, so if you have a white wedding dress with silver embroidery go for silver wedding jewellery. Or if you want, forget matching and what’s in fashion and go for what you like to wear, like cuff bracelets or chandelier earrings.

You can also try and go for colourful costume jewellery if you like to add a bit of drama to your entire outfit and wedding day!


18 June

Autumn Winter costume jewellery trends

Ok I know that summer has only just started (for some of us, I hasn’t even started yet!)  But there is so much talk about the Autumn Winter collections on the catwalks including costume jewellery that we thought we had to right about it.

Autumn is not long away and a lot of you fashionistas are probably thinking what is the trend for this coming season. Well, it’s very eclectic. Costume jewellery is seen on every single catwalk, and many are either keeping it to one statement costume jewellery piece or just layering on the statement pieces. So you could just be wearing a pair of chandelier earrings next season, or you could go for cuff bracelets, statement necklaces, statement rings, well anything goes really.

But remember, that when it comes to costume jewellery and other fashion accessories, it’s your own personal style that counts, so add a bit of this into the mix and you are sure to be on to a winner.


Swarovski crystal jewellery is a great way to sparkle on a great night out or when worn as wedding jewellery or prom jewellery if you are lucky. Costume jewellery is a great way to pull any outfit off and Swarovski crystal costume jewellery is even more stunning.

Swarovski crystal jewellery is made from Swarovski crystals and is dearer than normal crystal costume jewellery. The reason being is that Swarovski crystals are designer crystals. However it should be noted that Swarovski crystals are not really anymore sparkly than normal crystals.

Crystal costume jewellery in any colour and design is a great way to look beautiful on your wedding day or as evening jewellery.


15 June

Beautiful bridal costume jewellery

Bridal season is well and truly here, and all you brides are looking for your stunning bridal jewellery and costume jewellery for your big day. Well you are spoilt for choice now, especially with the many different designs and styles you can wear as your bridal jewellery now.

What do you wear as your bridal jewellery then? Well as far as costume jewellery goes you can go for stunning chandelier earrings. You can wear a beautiful cuff bracelet with it or you can even go for a cocktail ring. Bridal jewellery really does depend on what you decide to wear on your big day and what theme your wedding is.

If you want help choosing your costume jewellery and wedding jewellery, why not write your comment below and we and our readers will help you as much as possible.


Crystal chandelier earrings are a great way to snazz up any outfit and never more so than on your wedding day. As wedding jewellery crystal chandelier earrings are a fabulous way to make your outfit but how do you decide what type of wedding jewellery to wear?

Well when it comes to crystal chandelier earrings, you should wear just that, just the earrings? Well we think it’s best to wear your chandelier earrings with a beautiful cocktail ring. And then team this up with a stunning cuff bracelet like the Grecian Cuff Bracelet.

But always remember that when you decide what to wear to your wedding, think about your entire outfit, the shoes the handbags and most importantly the dress.


Costume jewellery comes in many different styles, shapes and colours. But costume jewellery generally comes in two types of platings, silver or gold. So how do you know if you should go for silver costume jewellery or gold costume jewellery?

You main way of choosing whether you should go for silver costume jewellery or gold costume jewellery is what outfit you are trying to match your outfit jewellery with. So if your outfit has a lot of silver embellishments on it then go for silver costume jewellery. If however it has a lot of gold on it go for gold costume jewellery.

Or, just go with what you like and generally wear, like me, I love silver, so I wear silver costume jewellery more or less all the time!


So you’re looking for hair accessories for your upcoming wedding or for as prom jewellery. What can you use as your hair accessory then? You got your normal hair jewellery like hair combs and hair slides, but have you ever thought about wearing a headband?

I know what you are thinking, head bands, aren’t they like so 1980’s? Well not if you go for something like the Crystal burst headband. These types of head bands have been made ever so popular by the likes of Cheryl Cole who wore a very similar on X-factor last year. They make great bridal hair accessory or prom jewellery.

And the great thing is, whether you like gold jewellery or silver jewellery, the Crystal Burst Headband comes in both platings!