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Costume jewellery isn’t just for the likes of me and you. Costume jewellery is also worn but celebrities and celebrity costume jewellery is no more dissimilar to what you and I wear. So what type of costume jewellery are the celebrities wearing at the moment?

Celebrities at the moment are sticking to the main trends in costume jewellery which is still statement costume jewellery. Statement costume jewellery can encompass all types of costume jewellery like chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets or even large cocktail rings.

Celebrities do set a trend when it comes to costume jewellery but you have to remember that they are only following what their stylist is telling them, so remember to add your own style to your costume jewellery.


Wedding jewellery is all about looking glamorous and stunning on your big day, and although your dress, venue and other accessories do that for you, but your wedding jewellery is what makes you truly sparkle on your big day, and no more so than crystal wedding jewellery.

Crystal wedding jewellery can be any shape, size colour and style you want it to be. So you can go for traditional crystal wedding jewellery which looks like its diamond jewellery but at so much less of a price. Crystal wedding jewellery can encompass small crystal earrings, crystal cuff bracelet or even crystal chandelier earrings.

Your crystal wedding jewellery is what you will feel comfortable in, and what matches your dress. And you can match it with a stunning crystal handbag too.


17 May

Black costume jewellery for weddings!?

Costume jewellery comes in many different shapes, sizes styles and colours. But so many people dictate what styles and colours of costume jewellery you should wear to your wedding or to any event really. But we say don’t be led by what the magazines and people say to wear to your wedding or any occasion.

One of those colours that is seen as a faux pas to a wedding is black. Black costume jewellery and black wedding jewellery is a great way to put your own stamp on your wedding day. You can pair up a white dress with black lace detail with black chandelier earrings and black bracelet and have your bridesmaids in satin black dresses. See, you can already imagine a fairytale wedding!

Black costume jewellery can also be worn to evening events like New Year’s parties or dinner parties, so black costume jewellery can be used over and over again, unlike other coloured costume jewellery.


13 May

Wedding jewellery for white weddings

Wedding season is well and truly here now and most brides are at the moment frantically looking for the right wedding jewellery and bridal accessories for the ever so big and important day. Many of you might even have bought your bridal jewellery ages ago and now feel like you want something different.

Well as far as wedding jewellery goes Shefaly stocks the most comprehensive type of costume jewellery. For our white wedding why not go for crystal wedding jewellery like crystal bracelets or crystal earrings. This is great for white weddings as you would look like a real ice queen.

You should wear what you feel comfortable in when it comes to your wedding jewellery as you want to look fabulous on your big day.


Costume jewellery isnt just about whats in fashoin at the moment. Costume jewellery nowadays is more about sparkly  jewellery. This is costume jewellery thats made fromcrystals like Swarovski crystals and Austrian crystals or even glass.

Sparkly costume jewelleryis a real trend amongst brides at the moment as it adds a bit of red carpet glamour to your outfit. This type of  costume jewellery includes chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets and for wedding hair jewellery, you can have hair slides and tiaras.

Sparkly costume jewellery can also be worn to work as you can wear a cocktail ring or a cuff bracelet for example. it can even be small crystal earrings or a dainty crystal bracelet.