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29 April

Costume jewellery for weddings

Costume jewellery is a great way to make your wedding outfit look stunning. Costume jewellery is so sparkly and glamorous looking that it can be used as wedding jewellery as it adds a bit of red carpet glamour to your outfit. Costume jewellery can be items like chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets and tiaras.

Costume jewellery for weddings doesn’t even need to be just sparkly costume jewellery for your wedding it can also be beaded costume jewellery or simple costume jewellery. But you just need to decide what your style is to decide what you want to wear as costume jewellery as your wedding jewellery.


Bridal hair accessories are as important for your big day as it really does finish your look off. There are so many different styles of bridal hair jewellery, but the one that has been made ever so popular nowadays by the likes of Cheryl Cole is the bridal headband.

Bridal headbands can look stunning on your big day. They are such a great alternative to traditional hair jewellery like tiaras and air combs. Bridal headbands come in many different finishes like gold and silver, and can have large crystals or small crystals on the side of it or on the top of it. Bridal headbands do look incredibly stunning with long flowing locks, or even with shorter hair.

You can match bridal hair jewellery with what type of wedding dress and accessories you are wearing, so be a trendsetter on your big day.


22 April

Marilyn Monroe style costume jewellery

Marilyn Monroe is a true style icon, and the costume jewellery she wore was amazing, classy and elegant and what most women would like to wear as their wedding jewellery. So what was Marilyn Monroe’s costume jewellery style so that we can emulate this?

Well Marilyn Monroe is known for many films in her career but the one that sticks out the most when we are discussing costume jewellery is Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. This film made Marilyn into the style icon and diva that she was in her time. The costume jewellery she wore in this film was utterly beautiful. She wore stunning chandelier earrings and crystal bracelets, and statement necklaces. We love the necklace she wears in the below image and you can buy the vintage crystal necklace and earring set which is just like that one.

Other sets including the crystal belle set and the Bella necklace and earring set also emulate Marilyn’s style.


21 April

Hair accessories UK

Hair accessories are the easiest way to make you look glamorous on any special occasion, whether the hair accessories are used as wedding hair accessories or as prom hair accessories or as everyday hair accessories.

It’s hard to find the right hair accessories in the UK because so many are made in china and are so normal looking or not as bling as you want them to be. So to find beautiful hair accessories go for crystal hair accessories from UK online hair accessory shops. Online you can find the most stunning, beautiful and elegant hair accessories.

So don’t go for normal hair accessories, go for unique hair accessories by looking online for hair accessories and hair jewellery for that special occasion.


20 April

Butterfly jewellery

Costume jewellery and bridal jewellery comes in many different shapes, sizes and of course styles. But the designs of all the costume jewellery can vary from daisies, to animal designs to geometric designs. But butterfly jewellery seems to be the most popular when it comes to wedding jewellery and prom jewellery or any type of jewellery really.

Butterfly jewellery was once made popular by Mariah Carey, but now everyone seems to love butterfly costume jewellery. Butterfly jewellery looks fabulous as bridal jewellery or prom jewellery. Butterfly jewellery can be butterfly hair pins or butterfly cocktail rings. Butterfly jewellery can also come as necklace and earring sets.

Butterflies in the Far East are seen as something beautiful and if you want to wear something beautiful on a special occasion go for butterfly jewellery.


19 April

Arm jewellery : the new accessory

Costume jewellery and wedding jewellery has come a long way, and recent trends of statement necklaces and statement cocktail rings are all well and good and look stunning, but the altogether new trend in the fashion jewellery ring is arm jewellery. Arm jewellery is an up and coming trend and many people have already caught onto this.

Arm jewellery can be many different styles, shapes and sizes, including even wearing bracelets and necklaces as arm jewellery.  But there are also armbands which are specially designed to be worn as arm jewellery. Arm bands are a great accessory as wedding jewellery or party jewellery and even prom jewellery. Armbands come in silver or gold and are a great look when looking for Grecian jewellery.

Arm jewellery is the next big fashion accessory and this has really started to catch on. If you want to be ahead of the trend and get your arm jewellery now.


Crystal jewellery is one of those accessories that more or less everyone loves. Crystal jewellery can be worn with just about any type of outfit, from jeans and a top to a glamorous ball gown or even your wedding dress.

Crystal jewellery is for everyone. So if you are looking for crystal earrings, you can go for chandelier earrings. Or if you are going for a crystal bracelet you can match it with a statement cocktail ring. So many people love crystal jewellery as it is versatile and can be worn with anything at anytime.

If you like crystal jewellery then Shefaly has all the crystal jewellery you could adorn and if you aren’t sure what to buy drop us a line and we will be sure to help as much as possible.


15 April

Wedding jewellery

Wedding jewellery is the all important accessory for any bride to have on their big day. It is second to their wedding dress as it really helps to finish your outfit off on your big day. Wedding jewellery can encompass all types of jewellery but we will discuss one particular type here.

Wedding jewellery is mainly thought of as crystal jewellery. This is the type of jewellery that is made from crystals and embedded on rhodium plating. Crystal wedding jewellery is very popular amongst brides as it is sparkly and imitates real diamonds so well. Many brides even opt for colourful wedding jewellery as it can look stunning against a white dress.

Wedding jewellery can basically be anything you want it to be as it should reflect your own personal style and what you would like to look like on your big day.


The wedding season has well and truly started and a lot of you are probably thinking about Asian wedding jewellery. Whether you are looking at having an Asian wedding or whether you are having a themed wedding where Asian weddings are the themes, Asian wedding jewellery is a great accessory to wear.

Asian wedding jewellery is much like European wedding jewellery, in that you can have many different styles, shapes and sizes of wedding jewellery. Although Asian wedding jewellery is very much more like statement wedding jewellery or colourful costume jewellery.  You can wear large earrings, statement bracelets or statement cocktail rings. You can even wear hair tikkas and armbands which are real traditional Asian wedding jewellery.

Asian wedding jewellery has a lot of choice style and comes in many different colours. If you want help choosing your Asian wedding jewellery drop us a line.


13 April

Prom jewellery fashion trends

Prom season is well and truly on its way and all you people attending proms are probably looking at buying your prom jewellery. Prom jewellery is what you want it to be, but there are some fashion trends that you can follow when picking your prom jewellery.

First place to start when you are picking our prom jewellery is to decide what you are wearing. A long dress, a short dress, a black dress or a pink dress!? If you want to choose colourful costume jewellery you need to decide the colour of your dress and then pick your pink earrings or you red cocktail ring for example. Or if you don’t know what you are wearing yet and you want to buy your prom jewellery then go for black prom jewellery or crystal prom jewellery as it will really look fabulous with anything.

Prom jewellery is a personal choice: you can follow trends, or you can just wear what you feel comfortable in.