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31 March

Prom costume jewellery

It’s already the Easter holidays and before we know it the summer holidays will be here. So your school prom can’t be too far away, and so you must be looking for the right costume jewellery or party jewellery to wear on one of the best nights of your life.

Prom costume jewellery is the type of costume jewellery that you have a lot of choice in. Prom costume jewellery can be matched to your handbag, to your dress or to your shoes, or all three is you are into this seasons rainbow coloured costume jewellery. So if you decide to wear a pink prom dress you can go for pink costume jewellery, crystal costume jewellery or even black costume jewellery. And they type of costume jewellery you decide to wear is more or less chosen by what type of dress you are wearing. A sleeveless dress would look stunning with chandelier earrings and cuff bracelet for example.

If you want help choosing your prom costume jewellery or your prom handbag drop us a line here for a guiding hand.


Chandelier earrings are a fabulous accessory for any occasion. But to wear chandelier earrings on your wedding day can be a real statement. Costume jewellery is a great way to accessorise your bridal outfit, but chandelier earrings can go a long way to finish your outfit off.

Chandelier earrings can go so well with so many different types of bridal gowns. So if you have a strapless wedding gown, chandelier earrings can look so sexy when just touching your neckline. Or even with a halter neck dress chandelier earrings can look stunning next to a crystal encrusted neckline.

Pair your chandelier earrings with a cuff bracelet or a cocktail ring, and you really can pull your outfit off on your big day.


Can you believe we are coming into April already? Well the fashion houses can as they have already showed their Autumn/Winter 2010-11 fashion collection including their fashion jewellery and costume jewellery lines.

What do the designers say is in store for us this Autumn/Winter 2010-11? Well there is a lot more statement jewellery, and more than anything statement necklaces and statement cocktail rings. As always these pieces of costume jewellery look fabulous with anything from work wear to that glamorous evening out.

Other statement costume jewellery pieces include statement bracelets, statement hair accessories and statement earrings.


Summer 2010 sees costume jewellery reach new heights in the fashion world. It’s still all about statement costume jewellery, but this time it’s about rainbow coloured costume jewellery. This can be an array of colours.

Costume jewellery in rainbow colours can come in many different shapes and sizes. And Shefaly is known for her colourful costume jewellery. This can be garland of crystals costume jewellery, red crystal earrings or square tales cocktail ring.

Costume jewellery has never been seen to be so amazing and colourful and stunning as it does this Spring/Summer 2010.


24 March

Gold costume jewellery for summer 2010

Gold costume jewellery is truly one of those types of accessories that you can’t get enough of as it matches just about any type of outfit as well as any type of look. Gold costume jewellery is a great accessory to match your summer 2010 wardrobe.

This summer is all about floral prints and pastel colours. So gold costume jewellery would match very well with this type of look. Gold costume jewellery can be anything from gold earrings, to gold bracelets to gold hair accessories. Gold costume jewellery can also be used as wedding jewellery as it can look stunning against an ivory coloured dress.

If you have any suggestions on how to wear gold costume jewellery put your comment below so our readers know what you think.


Like most of us this weekend just gone, you must have visited the stores on the high street and seen that floral clothes are so in fashion. So why not accessorise your floral look with floral costume jewellery.

Floral costume jewellery can be more or less any type of jewellery, and most jewellery has some sort of floral motif on it. But the best type of costume jewellery you can wear is cocktail rings. They are so easy to accessorise with any outfit, whether it’s a floral outfit or not. Floral cocktail rings like the bloom in purple cocktail ring, or the daisy in citrine cocktail ring is a great accessory for your floral top with jeans, or that stunning floral dress.

If you don’t think floral cocktail rings are for you then why not go for floral costume jewellery like a floral necklace, or floral bracelet to really be in trend.


17 March

Sparkly costume jewellery for any occasion

Costume jewellery doesn’t need to be all about beads and tribal wear. Costume jewellery nowadays is more about sparkly costume jewellery. This is costume jewellery made from crystals like Swarovski crystals and Austrian crystals or glass.

Sparkly costume jewellery can also be used as wedding jewellery as it adds a bit of red carpet glamour to your outfit. Sparkly costume jewellery can be items like chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets and for wedding hair jewellery tiaras.

Sparkly costume jewellery can also be worn as everyday jewellery or work jewellery if you find the right piece of costume jewellery. This can be small crystal earrings or a dainty crystal bracelet for example.


Meet Shefaly| House of Jewels, the most stunning collection of costume jewellery and wedding jewellery this side of the stars. Shefaly doesn’t follow fashion, they set it. That’s why all their costume jewellery and wedding jewellery is so fashionable yet trendy.

The finest Swarovski crystals sit beside gorgeous Czech stones and Austrian Crystals to create a truly unique collection, some costume jewellery and wedding jewellery pieces of which are specially designed by Shefaly herself.

From chandelier earrings and crystal necklaces, chokers and hair jewellery, to crystal bracelets and Shefaly’s own unique cuff-links, each affordable, timeless jewel offers a quality second-to-none, which means you can enjoy your jewels time and time again, season to season. Stand out in style with Shefaly.


15 March

Silver Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many colours, styles and finishes. These range from colourful reds, pinks and amber blues, to antique, silver and gold.

Out of all of these, the most popular is the crystal costume Jewellery. This is because, originally the name costume jewellery was given to bright and bold pieces, today that is now regarded mainly as silver costume jewellery. People who wear this range from an ever growing amount, formally it was simply extravagant, rich and excentric individuals. Today, as it is more common, it is brides, bridesmaids, girls on a night out, or just a piece of subtle jewellery for work! Brides wear it as part of their outfit such as a crystal brooch, or crystal bangle, or even a statement necklace or statement earrings. Bridesmaids benefit from the colour approach, and this can match the dress, such as baby pink or light blue.

Silver costume jewellery is fashionable, and even classifies as fashion jewellery in today’s high street. Large companies such as Swarovski have truly revolutionised this industry, and allowed the extravagant jewellery acceptable and marketable to the everyday lady alike.


10 March

Indian jewellery

Indian jewellery is the same as Asian jewellery. Indian jewellery is colourful costume jewellery that is worn on special occasions like Indian weddings or Indian parties. Indian women like to wear bright colourful clothes to special occasions and so wear matching Indian jewellery.

Indian jewellery trends at the moment encompass mainly statement costume jewellery. So you will see a lot in Indian women wearing chandelier earrings, large bracelets and large necklace and earring sets. These are teamed up with stunningly embroidered handbags, or crystal handbags.

If you would like to get some Indian jewellery but unsure as to what you would like to buy please drop us a like here at the house of jewels and we would love to help.