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24 February

Sexy Costume Jewellery

Lingerie has its place for alluring your man, whether it be in the bedroom, or showing a bid of that bra strap in a bar! But costume jewellery has its place in this scene, except many woman fail to exploit this.

For example, when you’re dressed up in the bedroom, with your hair all in tumbling curls, and that devilish outfit, finish off this perfect look with a delicate costume jewellery set and light, dainty earrings. These are the ultimate night time jewellery, before its really time for bed.

As for the bar, and showing that guy your interested in, don’t just draw his attention to your bra strap or the off the shoulder look, try one of those jewelled bra straps  or chandelier earrings for the attention grabbing look!

We love jewellery from, as well as from our site,

23 February

Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings are the best and easiest (not to say the cheapest!) way to add colour to an outfit and a burst of this season’s hottest colour. Cocktail rings are one of those accessories that never go out of fashion, can never be worn enough, and is suitable for people of all ages, young or old! And the chunkier the cocktail ring the more in fashion you will be.

Our costume jewellery rings are suitable for everyday wear, parties, proms, receptions, evenings out and weddings. They make a great accessory to any outfit or dress! The rings come in all types of sizes, from small rings, to large statement cocktail rings, and are made from Swarovski, Austrian or Czech crystal depending on the ring. They are adjustable and will fit any ring size! Our costume ring range is so large, we are confident that you will find a stunning cocktail ring for your partner and can really make a great first impression!


23 February

Crystal bridal jewellery

Crystal bridal jewellery is an essential item when it comes to your wedding day. Crystal bridal jewellery can more or less match any bridal dress, any themed wedding, and anybody in the bridal party. Crystal bridal jewellery can suit most brides.

For the bride, you have stunning crystal chandelier earrings, beautiful Swarovski crystal bracelets and astounding crystal sets. For the mother of the bride and the mother-in-law (as well as bridesmaids) crystal costume jewellery encompasses small crystal sets in a variety of colours to match their dresses, and beautiful crystal brooches. Even the groom can have very elegant Swarovski crystal cufflinks!

If you need help choosing you crystal bridal jewellery, drop us a line here at Shefaly.


22 February

Wedding gift for your husband

Weddings are such an amazing day for you, for your family and for your husband to be. And whilst everyone if looking for a stunning wedding present for you and your husband to be, you shouldn’t forget your husband in all of this, and look for a present for your husband to be.

Present for your husband to be can be difficult to choose. But the best gift to give your husband would be crystal cufflinks. Crystal cufflinks are great present because they are classic and timeless and can be worn time and time again. Crystal cufflinks make a great present to be worn as wedding jewellery by your husband on our big day and for many special occasions after that.

Crystal cufflinks make a great wedding gift for your husband. And with our free gift packaging, you are sure to make him feel very special.


Mothers day will be coming around soon on the 14th March this year so you will be thinking of presents for that special person in your life, and what better way to say I love you than with costume jewellery. Not only is it something your mum will treasure forever but she will also be able to wear it with more or less any outfit.

For the classically elegant mum, why not buy her a crystal brooch that she could pin to her jacket lapel, or her pashmina. Or for the young, trendy mum, you could buy a pair of chandelier earrings or a cuff bracelet. For the young mum, you could also go for cocktail rings.

Mother’s day is a very important day to make your mum, or wife feel very very special and you should make her feel this way with costume jewellery.


19 February

Costume jewellery blogs.

Costume jewellery is owned and worn by everyone from celebrities to the lady down the road. Costume jewellery is one of those accessories that no woman can live without. It’s an accessory that really does do wonders when worn with really any outfit. It can be worn as wedding jewellery or even as prom jewellery and work jewellery.

That’s why costume jewellery blogs are so important. They can keep you up to date with fashion and trends when it comes to costume jewellery and fashion jewellery and even wedding jewellery. It can show you how to wear certain costume jewellery and what to wear costume jewellery with. Many costume jewellery blogs also advise on wedding jewellery and what to wear wedding jewellery with.

Costume jewellery blogs are a great way of keeping up to date with all the goings on in the world of costume jewellery so go on sign up to our blog to keep you informed.


18 February

Cocktail rings for all occasions

Cocktail rings are the type of costume jewellery that can never go out of fashion. Cocktail rings can match just about any outfit, whether it’s as your bridal jewellery or as prom jewellery. But cocktail rings go well by themselves or with other costume jewellery too. Cocktail rings come in many different shapes, styles, colours and sizes as well.

The type of cocktail rings that you might chose is really decided by what your own personal style is. I personally like large chunky statement cocktail rings as they are so in fashion at the moment and they can really look great as a piece of statement costume jewellery. Then there is the smaller sized costume jewellery rings which can also look fabulous, especially if worn with a cuff bracelet and chandelier earrings.

You can wear cocktail rings as prom costume jewellery. It’s as great to wear every day. But no matter when and where you wear cocktail rings, you are sure to be in fashion.


17 February

Types of Bridal jewellery

Bridal jewellery comes in many different styles, shapes, sizes and colours and the type of costume jewellery or bridal jewellery you chose will be all dependant on the current fashion, the type of costume jewellery you generally wear and like and what your bridal colours are.

As bridal jewellery you could wear a necklace and earring set, to look like a traditional bride. Or you could go for chandelier earrings and a cuff bracelet, to make you look like a more contemporary bride. Or you could just wear very small studs as your costume jewellery if you are a simple bride and that can be accompanied by a bridal handbag.

Bridal jewellery is what you make of it and what you would like to wear. You can consider your bridal colours in the whole equation as well as what you like to wear as your costume jewellery or your wedding jewellery, but wear what you feel is comfortable.


17 February

Hair jewellery for special occasions

Hair jewellery can be used every day for everyday hair styles like hair slides and hair combs, or you can really snazz up your hair do on a special occasion like using a crystal hair slide or hair chopsticks. Hair jewellery is a fantastic way to make you really stand out in a crowd.

So you could have a French roll and put a chignon on the side like when you go to your high school prom. Or you could wear a tiara as your wedding hair accessories, or as bridesmaids hair jewellery you could have crystal hair slides that look stunning.

There are many different ways that you would use hair jewellery and the best thing is to look in magazines and ask your hairdresser what you could do with your hair had hair accessories.


15 February

Indian costume jewellery

Indian costume jewellery is costume jewellery must have for every woman as it is stunning and so different. Indian costume jewellery is also important for Indian weddings as Indian wedding jewellery. Asian weddings and events can be so flamboyant and colourful that you need to have pieces of costume jewellery that can match practically every colourful outfit in your wardrobe.

Indian costume jewellery essentials include necklace and earring sets, cocktail rings and bracelets. But there are also those much forgotten pieces of costume jewellery like hair tikkas and panjas that are so necessary too.

Indian costume jewellery is a great way to look amazing and stand out in a crowd as it really is bright and colourful and different when it comes to finger bracelets and hair tikkas.