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30 January

Pearl costume jewellery for the coming season

Pearl costume jewellery has always been a very fashionable and elegant piece of costume jewellery for ladies of all ages, but this coming season pearl costume jewellery is the costume jewellery to be seen in. Pearl costume jewellery not only looks elegant and sophisticated but it can also look very sexy.

Pearl costume jewellery can come in many shapes sizes, styles and colours. So if you are wearing it as your wedding jewellery you could go for a pearl necklace and earring set, like a single pearl pendant and earrings. Or you could go for a pearl choker set. This can be a large set or a small set, depending on what your own personal style is.

Pearl jewellery is huge for the coming season, so go ahead and make a style statement this season by going for pearl costume jewellery to accessorize your outfit with.


30 January

Wedding jewellery for the wedding season

Wedding season is more or less here. Although nowadays there is no real wedding season, most people chose to have their wedding during the summer months. So as far as we are concerned, it’s time to chose your wedding jewellery if you are having your wedding in the upcoming wedding season.

Wedding Jewellery is more about your own personal style than anything else. Yes you can go with what’s in fashion (and laugh at your wedding photos in years to come!) or you can go with what you feel comfortable with. Most people seem to love wearing chandelier earrings and a cuff bracelet or a stunning crystal necklace and earring set and teaming it up with a crystal hair accessory.

Wedding jewellery is a very personal choice so you have to be careful in what you chose to wear and make sure it matches your outfit and your wedding theme.


Kirstie Allsopp is not only a very intelligent and sophisticated lady, but she also has true fashion sense and star style. No wonder the Daily Telegraph have been inundated with letters asking where they can get Kirstie’s Pearls from which were featured in Stella Magazine. Shefaly’s costume jewellery has true star style if Hillary from the Daily Telegraph is recommending it.

The pearl choker set is actually a three strand, faux pearl set. It sits around the neck and has a central cameo effect brooch. The necklace comes with matching earrings and is £40. It looks so similar to the necklace and earring set worn by Kirstie that you’d think she was wearing one of Shefaly’s Jewels!

If you want to get true star style, order your set today, as  a Valentine’s day gift or as a gift to yourself, and even though there is a 4 week wait (due to the sheer demand for the set!), we will try and get it in for you as soon as possible!


Buying costume jewellery and fashion accessories online has never been easier and so convenient. You no longer have to travel down to your high street on a really busy Saturday just to find that they have nothing you like! In addition, high street prices are generally so much more expensive since that have such high overheads, whereas online, costume jewellery and fashion accessory retailers can offer reduced price high quality costume jewellery, including cocktail rings, hair accessories and bridal jewellery, since we have reduced overheads.

There are many things to consider when buying from an Online Costume Jewellery Shop.  Most importantly is to make sure that the online store offers a secure checkout where you know your card details are safe. A few well known payment carts are; World Pay, PayPal and Protx. Also make sure that the Online Costume Jewellery Shop has a telephone number you can contact them on should you have any problems. You don’t really want to wait for an email reply. Always check their returns policy too just in case you are unhappy with you jewellery. As long as the store has these main points you should feel confident in buying from the store.

If you need any help in buying costume jewellery, or have found somewhere else and are not really sure please do contact us and we will be happy to help. Feel free to browse our extensive range of costume jewellery on our online costume jewellery store, Shefaly | House of Jewels.


25 January

Pearl costume jewellery

Pearl costume jewellery is a fashionable piece of costume jewellery that is timeless and classic and can give you the look of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Pearl costume jewellery can be worn as bridal jewellery or as classic evening jewellery.

You can either go for a simple pearl necklace and earring set which is classic when it comes to wearing with Jeans and a top, or you could go for a classic pearl choker set which would look so elegant with a Classic Chanel suit, or even as bridal jewellery.

Pearl jewellery doesn’t only have to be for wedding jewellery or for the rich and famous. It’s such a necessary part of any costume jewellery box that every girl should have at least one piece of pearl costume jewellery.


23 January

Classy costume jewellery

Costume jewellery is the type of jewellery that can be worn by just about anyone and can look classy and glamorous. You can also wear costume jewellery with just about anything from your jeans and t-shirt, to your prom dress to your wedding dress and look glamorous and glitzy and stunning.

So what does classy costume jewellery consist of? Well just about anything that is classed as costume jewellery. So this could be cocktail rings, cuffs, crystal bracelets, chandelier earrings, hair jewellery and not to forget also cufflinks. Any one of these costume jewellery Pisces can be worn with any outfit. So with your jeans and t-shirt a bracelet and a cocktail ring would look stunning and then with your wedding jewellery, crystal costume jewellery would look amazing.

Just remember whatever costume jewellery you will wear for whatever occasion you are sure to be the belle of the ball and sparkle all night long.


22 January

Handmade costume jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different styles shapes and colours, but to get the best out of the costume jewellery you purchase you can’t beat costume jewellery that’s made meticulously by hand with lots of love care and attention.

That’s why all of Shefaly’s costume jewellery is finished by hand. All the Swarovski crystals and the beautiful beads are carefully placed on all costume jewellery pieces, whether they be hair accessories, cocktail rings, crystal necklace and earring sets or earrings, all crystals are placed on by hand.

That’s why Shefaly jewellery has become so popular now, as we don’t only pay a lot of attention to the design of our costume jewellery, but also the way in which the costume jewellery is made.


22 January

Vintage costume jewellery

Vintage costume jewellery can be defined as costume jewellery that is from a bygone era. However, since we are not all lucky enough to have gorgeous vintage costume jewellery passed onto us, why not buy some vintage costume jewellery.

Vintage costume jewellery is something every woman should have at least one piece of in their wardrobe. And you can find so many types of vintage costume jewellery on line nowadays, from vintage necklaces, to vintage earrings and vintage rings.

You will get superb pieces of costume jewellery of every shape, size and colour just have a look at our website to show you a selection of vintage costume jewellery that would be great as wedding jewellery or as party jewellery. So go ahead, add some costume jewellery with that little black dress of yours and watch others go green with envy.


Costume jewellery can come in many different styles and designs, shapes and sizes, but the colour of the costume jewellery you chose in any particular occasion is more or less dictated by the season and the trends seen on the catwalk.

The costume jewellery and the colour of the costume jewellery that is prevalent next season are pink costume jewellery and purple costume jewellery. Pink and purple was very prevalent on the red carpet in last weekend’s Golden Globe Awards, and this is also going to be seen in the costume jewellery and wedding jewellery that people will be wearing this coming season.

Costume jewellery or wedding jewellery, although dictated by fashion, is also very much dependant on what your own personal style is. So make sure you wear costume jewellery that you like and feel comfortable in, whether as your wedding jewellery or otherwise.


The awards season has started and with the golden globes just finished at the weekend, there are so many more awards left this season, with many more stunning evening dresses and costume jewellery yet to be seen from bracelets to hair accessories to crystal earrings.

The celebrities at the golden globes could be seen wearing beautiful chandelier earrings. They know that chandelier earrings can be the best way to accessorise your evening gown. Or how about hair jewellery? This is the must have accessory for the coming season.

Costume jewellery is so inexpensive and such a great way to make you look a million dollars that you really can’t afford to go without.