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31 December

Hair costume jewellery

Hair accessories are the must have costume jewellery for this coming season. Be it hair slides, pony holders, hair bands or hair chopsticks, this should be an essential part of your spring/summer costume jewellery collection.

Why not try adding a gorgeous little sparkle hair slide to your luscious loose locks, or wear a hair comb in a French pleat on your wedding. For little girls we have the beautiful mini winged beauty hair claw, or for bridesmaids the gorgeous sparkly crystal hair band. For those of you who like to have your hair up and out of the way, wear your hair up in a pony whilst sparkling with a stunning crystal pony holder.

Hair costume jewellery can be used on so many different hair styles including French pleats, hair buns or just luscious loose locks. You can pin your hair up with hair combs, hair slides, hair claws, hair pins, hair chopsticks, tiaras and hair bands.


It seems as though the recovery from the recession has begun and so many costume jewellery shops and online costume jewellery shops will be looking at restocking for next season so that they are ready for the wedding season where wedding jewellery will be in demand or for Valentine’s Day since costume jewellery is a great gift for any holiday.

At Shefaly we can sell our wholesale costume jewellery at a great price as we have minimal overheads as we are an online business and we can pass these savings onto our customers. So for bridal jewellery you can stock up on crystal jewellery or tiaras for next season since the wedding season rush generally starts from January. Then for online costume jewellery shops we can offer a drop ship basis for costume jewellery. Ask us for more details.

So whether you are a bridal shop or a fashion jewellery shop, drop us a line at Shefaly to find out more about costume jewellery and what we can help with your business.


28 December

Costume jewellery for 2010

Costume jewellery is generally a timeless piece of jewellery that can essentially last for a very long time if taken care of properly. But just like any other fashion accessory costume jewellery that is worn in any particular season can be dictated by what is in fashion at the time.

Costume jewellery for 2010 looks like it is going to be very much statement costume jewellery. This means that it is large overstated jewellery that is a statement piece. So this could be chandelier earrings, which are statement earrings or it could be a statement bracelet, like the jet set in crystal bracelet. The most popular piece of fashion accessory at the moment is hair accessories. This has been made so much more popular with celebrities like Cheryl Cole wearing statement hair band to X factor.

The costume jewellery you decide to wear this coming year is not only dictated by what’s in fashion, but also what your own personal style is so add your own style of costume jewellery to whatever you decide to wear this year.


27 December

Pearl brooches for your hair or lapel!

Pearl brooches are a fantastic piece of costume jewellery whatever age you are. If you are an older lady, pearl jewellery can look so refined and elegant if placed on the lapel of your favourite jacket, or used to pin up your scarf or pashmina. Pearl brooches can also make a great gift.

Pearl brooches can also be used as a hair accessory either as bridal hair jewellery or as everyday hair jewellery. Since hair accessories are the must have accessory this season this is a great way to make your hair looking sparkly and beautiful. Add it to the side of a chignon or on flowing locks and you really will make an impact.

If you have any other ways that pearl brooches could perhaps be used for why not tell our readers below.


27 December

Perfect hair with crystal hair accessories

To get the perfect hair whether it for bridal hair or for party hairstyles, you need to not only have the best possible hair style but also need to make sure you have the right hair accessories and crystal hair accessories are great as a way to make your hair style looking amazing for any occasion. And when paired with some stunning costume jewellery, you’d be worthy of stepping out onto the red carpet.

Crystal hair accessories can come in many shapes designs and styles. This can be anything from crystal hair slides to crystal hair combs. So you could have your hair up with some flowing locks and use a beautiful vintage style hair clip to keep it in place. Or how about a side hair do with a brooch (yes ladies- a brooch!) on the side. Remember that brooches too can be used as a hair accessory when you add a couple of hair pins to it.

Whether you have long hair or short hair, curly hair or straight hair, we have just about any type of hair jewellery you could look for to make your hair look stunning for any special occasion.


26 December

Top 3 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

Your wedding day is probably the most important day of your life, so you have to make sure your wedding jewellery and wedding accessories are just as special and can be treasured forever. The right wedding jewellery will look fabulous with your dress and here we are going to help chose the perfect wedding jewellery for your big day.

  1. Once you have chosen your dress, then it’s time to choose your wedding jewellery as you will know what style of costume jewellery to go for.
  2. Remember high street shops aren’t the only place you can find costume jewellery. Online costume jewellery shops have a great range of costume jewellery and unique one off pieces.
  3. Don’t forget to chose your bridesmaids jewellery too- you will still be the belle of the ball don’t worry! J

If you need any help choosing your wedding jewellery please do contact us and we will help you chose your wedding costume jewellery.


26 December

Fashion Jewellery trends for 2010

Fashion jewellery has come so far, but we are sure that 2010 has some suprises for the jewellery world!

Shefaly house of jewels has prided itself in trend setting for the last 5 years, and after supplying Strictly Come Dancing, Project Catwalk. and a variety of celebs, we think we are quite special too!

So, whats new in the fashion jewelley world?! whats new to come?! Well, we see hair jewellery as a massive theme this coming year. The new year will see headbands, thanks to a Mrs Cole see a comeback. Further, we also know that hair accesories in general are a must watch. Key items such as hair claws, hair clips and hair slides are a must for any fashion follower!

Take a look on the web, in hair magazines, and also at the high street. If you find what your after then brill! If not, then you are missing thr trend!

Love, Shefaly…x

25 December

Shefaly’s Costume jewellery sale extravaganza!

It’s finally here, the time of year you have all been looking for, Shefaly’s costume jewellery sale extravaganza. We are going to give you all costume jewellery, fashion jewellery and fashion accessories with 25% off. A whopping 25% off! This is a 2 week spectacular so go ahead and buy your costume jewellery before your piece of costume jewellery is sold out.

So if you are looking for bridal jewellery for your summer wedding or spring wedding, go ahead and buy it now as you aren’t going to get such a good deal than this. Or if it’s a Valentine’s Day present, you can find stunning brooches or cufflinks at fantastic prices.

Costume jewellery doesn’t have to be expensive, just unique and affordable. And with Shefaly you get free delivery and free returns with beautiful gift wrapping, so you really can’t go wrong.

Watch this space!


25 December

Xmas and New years sales on costume jewellery!

So, the big question on everyones mind is what are the best sales for jewellery in the new year period?

Well, we all know that the high street and also website have many sales, but the big question is where is the best places to get the best deals?! Well, firstly we all know that you cant beat london, and that being central london! Oxford street and the like areas have vast shops, selling costume jewellery, fashion jewellery and clearance of old lines.

But, dont forget the website and what  you can find on the internet!! You can get some great bargain, and you dont need to be standing in long lines waiting to pay for those cherished goods! Also you dont need to be fighting with the other ladies trying to get their hands on your priced find!

Shefaly House of jewels will be launching its sale very soon, so be sure to watch this space to get hold of some great bargains for costume jewellery, bridal jewellery, fashion jewellery and hair accessories! Start the year with some bling!

Love, Shefaly!

24 December

Wedding Jewellery for winter brides

Winter is still here for a few more months but that doesn’t mean that we won’t have any weddings this season. And for all you winter brides it can be difficult for you to choose your winter wedding jewellery as you are all wrapped up so you may feel like what’s the point of costume jewellery when it can’t be seen?

Well since it’s your big day, you still want to look a million dollars and your wedding jewellery will really finish your look off. And with winter wedding jewellery, you aren’t looking at anything too different to summer wedding jewellery or spring wedding jewellery. You could go for wintery colours like browns and reds, or you could go for crystal jewellery to compliment the snowy hills.

If you want any help or advice on winter wedding jewellery, or if you have any advice for our brides looking for wedding jewellery please do make a note below.