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30 November

Childrens Christmas Jewellery, good idea?!

Kids love xmas, and xmas is all about family. But will children like costume jewellery for xmas?! Well, the quick answer is if you have a girlie girl, then she will love a pink hair accessory, which she can wear on the day or can wear to all the parties over the festive season!

Shefaly house of jewels create beautiful jewellery gifts. These are for all ages, and, well for all people, kids to grandparents. Our website is comprehensive and branded by the best. Take a look at our gifts collection, and you will find a host of ideas!

Its all about the sparkle, and we at the House of Jewels like to do our bit with a piece of crystal!

Love, Shefaly

Shefaly House of Jewels have a special offer on one of its main selling christmas sets! Take a look at Its a glam necklace and earring set, made from stunning red and siam crystals, perfect for any xmas party.

The set is on offer for £12! formally offered on the site for as much as £40. So you can get yourself a bargain for xmas. Its selling fast, and not many are left! To grab one for yourself the shop soon otherwise you will be disappointed!

We also have other stunning red and green sets, which are perfect for work and social parties for xmas, they add that sparkle we all need in the festive season! Plus, it all come gift wrapped for free! perfect gift for you, so treat yourself!

Love, Shefaly

Christmas is close by, so is your shopping done?! Make sure you add costume jewellery as a Christmas gift, and gifts such as sparkly items like hand mirrors or cufflinks to the list!

Also, there is no need to haggle through the stores, you can shop on line at many webstores and have you goods delivered to your door! No need to get in the manic rush of weekend high streets. You can simply shop from work on a monday at your desk, knowing that reputable traders will send the goods to you in good order, and in time for Xmas!

The high street stores, and web shops have started some sales early, so you could get yourself a bargain if you shop around! The web is also good as you dont need to search for sizes, you pick the size you want!

Remember your friends and family though! there are many gifts you can buy them, but we feel that costume jewellery and accessories add that special sparke to xmas!

Love, Shefaly

Armbands are a really popular way of accessorising your outfit, especially as Christmas party jewellery or New Years Eve party jewellery. It is a new piece of costume jewellery that’s really creating waves in the fashion jewellery industry as it can make your outfit look amazingly hot and makes you look so on trend.

Shefaly has a few types of armbands that are designer armbands as they are designed in house and very unique. The six leaves armband for example is very popular as wedding jewellery, and goes especially well with sleeveless or boob tube tops as it helps this particular piece of costume jewellery really stand out. Or there is the ivy armband. This armband looks fit for a Grecian goddess, and many people who want a Grecian feel to their outfit or wedding day go for this Grecian armband as their costume jewellery. Finally there is also the pearl swirl armbands that can look great when matched up with pearl jewellery. It can either be worn as a pearl bracelet or as a pearl armband.

If you want help deciding what armband will go with your outfit drop us a line at Shefaly for advice on your costume jewellery and wedding jewellery needs and we will be sure to help as much as possible!



25 November

Wedding hair combs as wedding costume jewellery

Accessorising for your wedding day can be a real hassle at times especially when there are so many choices out there when it comes to costume jewellery and hair accessories. What you have to realise when it comes to your costume jewellery and hair jewellery is that online costume jewellery shop has the best value for money without compromising on style and quality.

One of the best types of wedding costume jewellery is the wedding hair comb. Wedding hair combs can be used in many different ways in many different hair styles. So you could have a half tiara hair comb that sits on the front of your head with flowing curly locks cascading down your back. You would look like a true princess. Or how about having a chignon and slipping a pearl hair comb or a crystal hair comb onto the side of it as wedding hair jewellery.

Wedding hair combs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to wedding costume jewellery and wedding accessories. You can chose from such a huge range of wedding accessories, including wedding hair pins and crystal costume jewellery, that’s why Shefaly is here to help answer any question you have.



Shefaly | House of Jewels is a well known brand in the wholesale jewellery market. All our costume jewellery is high quality and now you can get wholesale costume jewellery and wholesale fashion jewellery at fantastic prices. 

We have a great range of costume jewellery, including pearl jewellery, wholesale bridal jewellery and wholesale costume jewellery.

Contact us at Shefaly | House of Jewels and we will be happy to go over your needs whether you are looking for bridal costume jewellery, fashion accessories or men’s cuff links.


Christmas gifts don’t need to be boring, why go for socks as you do every year!? Try costume jewellery as a Christmas gift, or better still other sparkly items like hand mirrors and key rings that are just so stunning, you are sure to wow them all with your Christmas gift this year.

Costume jewellery as a gift can be crystal cufflinks, crystal earrings or even cocktail rings or a crystal bracelet. These are all great gifts for your girlfriend or your mum. But better still; why not buy them a jewelled hand mirror that has a vintage twist to it. Like the flowery hand mirror in red or the vintage hand mirror? And for your Dad or your boyfriend why not go for the crystal cufflinks? These are exclusive and unique to the House of Jewels so you won’t be able to find them on the High street as they are designed in house. They will make the most fabulous costume jewellery gift and as they are unisex, even you will be able to wear them from time to time!

If you want help choosing your costume jewellery gifts, or any type of costume jewellery whether it’s for your wedding day or for any other special occasion please do drop us a line and we will help as much as possible.



Costume jewellery is a fantastic accessory for any girl and if you don’t believe what we say, just have a look at what the celebrities are wearing! They love to accessorise their outfits with costume jewellery, and even with Shefaly’s costume jewellery. The reason for this is because costume jewellery is one of the best ways to accessorise your outfit.

To start with, we had Graham Norton sport out fabulous crystal cufflinks. He specifically likes the Erebus in dark green crystal cufflinks. Then we saw the stunning Louise Summers wear our gorgeous Romance her bracelet, a crystal bracelet made for the stars. And then Kym Marsh wearing Vintage Topaz necklace and earring set. Now we can’t leave out the stars of Strictly Come Dancing- Ali Beeston, Natalie Lowe, Natalie Cassidy and Martini Hingis.

You too can get celebrity style by wearing costume jewellery from Shefaly|House of Jewels for an event whether its Christmas parties or your wedding day.


We can’t get enough of strictly come dancing and the stunning hair accessories and costume jewellery on the show at the moment. And who can forget their stunning dresses. I think that the hair accessories and costume jewellery really does add the final touch to the outfits and not to forget the dances on the night on Strictly as they really does finish it.

We just saw Ali Beeston come onto dance, first up and ok there have only been 4 dances so far, but she’s already head of the leader board! Now she has some talent. And we like to think that our costume jewellery and hair accessories are giving her a bit of luck ;) She looked amazing didn’t she and she had one of our stunning hair slides on too! As far as our costume jewellery and hair accessories go, we think she looked and danced a million dollars!

Don’t forget as well that Natalie Lowe who is dancing with Ricky Whittle also had our hair slide on this evening. And didn’t they do well too J Just keep a look out for more news on Strictly come dancing, the costume jewellery and hair jewellery used this season on the Shefaly Blog.


20 November

Costume jewellery for the Christmas Holidays!

Christmas is oh so close now and I thought I’d write a little something about the type and colour of costume jewellery you might want to wear to your work Christmas party, family Christmas dinner or for your Christmas ball. The main costume jewellery colours for the holiday season are reds and greens.

Normally you get your little black dresses, tops, skirts or shirts on the high street, so how do you look Christmas-sy in black!? Simple, add a dash of colour with some costume jewellery. Cocktail rings are the best and easiest (not to say the cheapest!) way to add colour to an outfit and a burst of this season’s hottest colour. Bracelets are also great to add to your fashionable outfit as are crystal earrings. All our costume jewellery comes in so many colours, including red costume jewellery and green costume jewellery that you really are spoilt for choice.

Finally, you really cannot go wrong with a fine piece of hair accessory. For those of you who are on the shy side and want to follow fashion but don’t want to stand out in a crowd too much go for a gorgeous little hair slide in red. This hair accessory also makes great bridal jewellery for Christmas Brides and really does add a touch of sparkle.