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30 September

Elegant Handbags for all occasions

Classy handbags can be a stuggle to find. Do you vist like 30 retailers on the highstreet to find the best match for your oufit?

The internet has revolutionised many businesses, and the way we think. By searching on google or yahoo you can find almost anything, from anywhere in the world.

Searching for bridal handbags, evening handbags or elegant handbags can be a massive task. But, if you give into google you can find the perfect bag, and it could be with you in days!

Many webretailers offer next day delivery, and often there stocks are much more diverse and larger than retailers due to the lower costs of housing them. What even better, is that there are bargains to be found! You can find them to be much cheaper then in the highestreet! Finally, you can also be sure to turn up to that party, and the lady next to you not having the same handbag from the highstreet! (try ordering from an overseas website for the unique touch!)

Next time your out looking, try the web first!

Love, Shefaly

29 September

Fashion jewellery and hair accessories

Fashion jewellery is jewellery that follows current trends in fashion, like trends that have been passed on from the catwalks to the high street. So for this season you could say its collar statement necklaces and large cocktail rings. Another fashion jewellery would be hair accessories and these are also quiet a current trend.

On the catwalks this year you can see hair accessories as a real current trend. Hair accessories can be hair slides, hair bands, and also hair accessories like hair combs and hair claws. Hair accessories are a type of fashion jewellery that can be seen on celebrities and catwalks.

Whatever fashion jewellery you decide to wear, dazzle everyone with this year’s trends like statement costume jewellery and statement hair accessories.


29 September

Hair accessories for special sweet 16 parties


Hair accessories are a must. But, when your 16, its essential! What are the options? what are the costs? We aim to discuss them here!

You can have a hair tiara or a hair comb (which can be on the side or top of the head) or you could simply have styled hair, and add in some glitzy hair pins which sparkle!

The costs can vary, but tiara will be the most expensive. Probably between £50 – £150. Hair combs are usually from £20 – £45, and hair pins range from £1 – £8 each.

Next is the colour theme, and this is best done with your stylist and a compare agaist ‘the dress’. We love bold looks, and you know you need to outshine all the other attendees on your important party!!

Love, Shefaly House of Jewels

(Image provided courtesy of MTV, all rights reserved for MTV, image used for discussion purposes)

28 September

Fashion Jewellery for winter 2009

What are the fashion jewellery trends for AW09? Heres a quick insight into what you should be seen wearing in the coming season!

Its all about the chunky necklaces this season. You would have seen on the catwalks and high street stores large necklaces which cover the neck line. This is the key trend for this winter season!

So, make sure you invest in some bling around the neck. This a come back of the mid 60′s and is driving the looks of the stars and the designers alike.

There are some great collections from many high street stores such as John Lewis and Selfridges of London. Our favourate piece can be seen in Monsoon, as well as by Dior.

Our love for fashion clothing, and fashion jewellery continues, and we are sure that the designers will have some further great accessories for Fy10!

Love, Shefaly House of Jewels

27 September

What are costume jewellery gifts?


Gifts which are known as costume jewellery gifts have that added sparkle and glam!

These are sparkling pens, stunning keyrings with crystals, watches with a difference, and also hand mirrors, or thats the way we thing about them!

We have a large collection of these stunning gifts, suitable for all occasions for loved ones and family. Take a look at our collection, they come fully gift wrapped, so your good to go. And with the brand of shefaly, the loved one will know you have put time and effort into your search, and not just popped to the nearest high street supplier!

If your more in tune with the female, then you can explore our other collections, such as shefalys favourates!

Love. Shefaly

26 September

bridesmaid jewellery

You have decided on your costume jewellery, but now its time to focus on the bridesmaids jewellery!

The main thing is once you have decided on the colour theme of the wedding, and the bridesmaids dresses, you can then begin to look into what jewellery can be used to add that glamour to their outfits!

Many brides go for the soft pastel colours of baby pink, light purple, soft ivory and evn a mild red. What is essential is deciding on the mix of jewellery.

Have a combination of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Many often even add in a hair comb or mild hair accessories. This is a great idea, but you need to be comfortable that your outfit will be more glamourous then the bridesmaids!

If you need any style help or advise, feel free to contact us for help. We have many many colours, and we are sure that other webshops will find it hard to compete with our colourful collections!

Love, Shefaly

25 September

Does Jewelry at work matter?

What type of costume jewelry should one wear to work? What is demure, classy, and appropriate to say ‘hey there, im smart, work hard, and as good as my male counterparts?

Jewelry for work can be a massive area, and lets face it, many of us dont even bother. But with that sharpe pin stripe skirted suit its essential to add that finishing touch. Add a pair of sparkling earrings, and maybe a bracelet to add that impact. This will ensure your dressed to close that essential business meeting!

If your stuck for ideas, try our pure and simple necklace and earrings sets category on the shefaly house of jewels website. We are here to help, and spread the word of costume jewelry all over the world!

Love, Shefaly

25 September

Christmas Jewellery for Christmas work parties!

Ok, not many people have started saying that christmas is only a few months away…So what jewellery to wear with that stunning red dress? What red earrings, what red sparkling bracelet??

Depending on the colour of your dress, and lets face it, many of us ladies love to wear a stunning red dress to the xmas party to impress those we work around, and show them our years gym efforts!

Or you can simply go for a black dress, and glamourise up with sparkling graphite jewellery!

Then its a case of wearing large earrings, and no necklace, a necklace set, a large statement bracelet, or even strictly come dancing styled hair, complete with hair accessories that add the finishing sparkle!

look out for our special xmas category to be lauched on our site in the next 28days!

Love, Shefaly

23 September

Copy red carpet costume jewellery

As reported earlier on in the week the Emmys recently took place and we saw all the gorgeous gowns and costume jewellery on the red carpet. The stars of the red carpet must have paid a fortune for the dresses and jewellery, but you can buy very similar costume jewellery here at Shefaly.

For example, there was Heidi Klum looking gorgeous and radiant in her black Marchesa dress, and gorgeous black jewellery. Heidi Klum’s jewellery must have cost her thousands of pounds, but we have stunning black crystal earrings that would look fabulous on anyone. Then there was Brooke Shields in her stunning Bagley Mischka dress in fuchsia pink. She had fabulous crystal chandelier earrings, and a little crystal brooch to add a finishing touch

What costume jewellery do you think would look great on the red carpet?



22 September

What to do in a bridal jewellery crisis!

You’ve bought the dress, organised the invites and all the little things that come to organising your wedding day and then, a week before, you remember that you haven’t sorted your bridal jewellery out! This may seem impossible, but we have many brides buying their costume jewellery and wedding jewellery either for themselves or their bridesmaids the week, or even the day before the wedding!

Apart from remembering to buy your costume jewellery, bridesmaid’s jewellery or bridal jewellery what can you do in a situation like this!? Well you can raid your mother’s and friends costume jewellery box and see what gorgeous vintage costume jewellery is there. Your bridesmaids costume jewellery does not necessarily have to match, and can look stunning with a either a crystal bracelet and cocktail ring, or just plain crystal earrings.

If it’s your own costume jewellery you have forgot to buy, I would recommend running down to your nearest high street stores as you can sometimes find something. Or better yet, a vintage costume jewellery store!