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28 August

Crystal jewellery sets

Crystal jewellery is an essential item in all ladies jewellery boxes. But it’s even more essential to wear on your wedding day. Crystal jewellery sets can more or less match any bridal dress, any themed wedding, and anybody in the bridal party.

For the bride, you have stunning crystal chandelier earrings, beautiful Swarovski crystal bracelets and astounding crystal jewellery sets. For the mother of the bride and the mother-in-law (as well as bridesmaids) crystal costume jewellery encompasses small crystal jewellery sets in a variety of colours to match their dresses, and beautiful crystal brooches.

If you need help choosing you crystal bridal jewellery, drop us a line here at Shefaly.


Now you can get wholesale costume jewellery and wholesale fashion jewellery at fantastic prices. As an online retailer we have fewer overheads than that of other companies and therefore can pass these reduced savings onto our customers. 

Even though many companies nowadays are worried about the credit crunch and what it will do to their business, we still see many new shops opening up or even more popular, jewellery parties taking place. These are all ways in which women or men can help earn a little extra cash for their household whilst thoroughly enjoying themselves with their friends and family.

It’s not only our costume jewellery that really makes great pieces in a shop, but also crystal cuff links. And with the majority of our cufflinks encrusted with Swarovski crystals you really cannot go wrong with this high quality costume jewellery.

Contact us at Shefaly | House of Jewels and we will be happy to go over your needs whether you are looking for bridal costume jewellery, fashion accessories or men’s cuff links.


26 August

2 4 1 on cocktail rings shown below! :)

Ok I think you all know how much we love cocktail rings here at the House of Jewels, but to show you how much we love cocktail rings, we decided to offer 2 4 1 on the cocktail rings below.

Cocktail rings are such a great piece of costume jewellery. Not only can you wear cocktail rings to parties or to weddings, or even as bridal jewellery or prom jewelry but you can also wear the cocktail rings to work.

So to get your 241 on the cocktail rings below, type in “241cocktailrings” to get your 241 on any colour cocktail ring  from all the cocktail ring designs below



I’m so excited! The BBC announced the line up for the new series of Strictly Come Dancing yesterday and boy does it look good! Not only do they have Martini Hingis (I’ve been hearing people say she is the fave to win already!) but they have Hollyoaks siren  Ali Bastian, and boxing ace Joe Calzaghe.

And what are we looking forward to most?! Well like Laila Rouass says on the Strictly website and we agree, the gorgeous clothes and the beautiful hair styles whilst being adorned with blinging costume jewellery and hair accessories.

So keep a look out on the Shefaly’s website, and the Strictly show : who knows, you may be seeing our stunning hair accessories on there again…


25 August

Brooches worn in bridal hair

Brooches, especially crystal brooches, can be worn on your coat lapel, pashmina, as a fashion accessory on your jeans, as a shoe brooch, or the best and newest way you can wear it is as a brooch worn in bridal hair.

What a great way to use a piece of costume jewellery. A brooch in your hair! Ok admittedly you should look at wearing a smaller, more delicate brooch in your hair. For example the crystal and pearl brooch or the Elixir pearl brooch or the flowering crystal and pearl brooch.

Brooches are an amazing accessory which is so underused- try one and see how addicted you can get to this little costume jewellery accessory.


25 August

Crazy over cocktail rings

We are going crazy over cocktail rings at the Shefaly right now. Cocktail rings are such a versatile piece of costume jewelry as they can be worn as everyday wear costume jewellery, party costume jewelry, prom costume jewelry, receptions, evenings out and bridal costume jewellery.

They make a great accessory to any outfit or dress! The cocktail rings come in all types of sizes, from small rings, to large statement cocktail rings, and are made from Swarovski, Austrian or Czech crystal depending on the costume jewellery ring. 

They are adjustable and will fit any ring size! Our costume jewellery ring range is so large, we are confident that you will find a stunning cocktail ring for yourself or your partner and can really make a great first impression!


As far as celebrities go, they are the trend setters. For some reason we all love to see any celebrity from Angelina Jolie or a TV star wear costume jewellery or fashion jewellery which we want to buy. But we can all afford thousands of pounds worth of diamond jewellery so we can instead opt for a real replica piece of costume jewelry.

Today I spotted this gorgeous Vintage Cuff Bracelet on an episode of The Bachelorette.

Now I’m not an avid follower of the show, but this particular episode was very enthralling, and I was so excited to see Julian Harris from the show wearing this cuff bracelet as we have a gorgeous bracelet which is half the price! See, costume jewelry can be glamorous and sex and half the price!

Go one, be a celebrity this year, and pick up a great piece of costume jewelry online today!


23 August

Indian Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many different sizes, shapes, colours and styles, but they all are as beautiful as the next piece.

Indian costume jewellery is no different, except there are certain costume jewellery pieces that are worn that you would not otherwise see worn in the western world. For example, a hair accessory can be worn that dangles from the top of your head onto your forehead and is called a hair tikka. This gorgeous piece of hair jewellery is normally worn on very special occasions like your wedding day or if you are a bridesmaid at a wedding.

In addition, a costume jewelry piece called “panja” or “finger ring” can also be worn and is traditionally again worn on special occasions including again as bridal jewellery or as bridesmaid’s jewellery.

As far as Asian fashion jewellery goes the bigger the better! And also the more colourful the better. Costume jewellery is fabulous to wear on any occasion but on an Indian wedding day costume jewelry can’t be any more fabulous!


20 August

Children’s costume jewellery

Costume jewellery doesn’t only have to be for adults. Nowadays children’s costume jewellery is really getting popular.

There is a huge range of children’s costume jewellery out there. One very popular piece of costume jewellery is gorgeous sparkly hair accessories. These can be hair slides or pony holders. Even hair bands make a great accessory with party dresses.

Or how about a small necklace and earring set. The sunflower necklace and earring set range at the House of Jewels is great for little girls, whether worn as a set or even just as earrings and a necklace separately. Or a very pretty butterfly necklace and earring set can be stunning too.

Even cocktail rings can make a wonderful accessory or a gift. Children love colourful accessories and a cocktail ring can be an excellent addition to a little girl’s jewellery box. Especially since they are adjustable to fit any ring size too!


20 August

Product of the week- crystal brooches

When I write about our costume jewellery and fashion jewellery and talk about a product of the week, I always write about one item in particular. But I so love our crystal brooches that I can’t pick a favourite from them so I thought I would write about all of our stunning crystal brooches!

Our crystal brooches are just spectacular. As far as costume jewellery go, these little and big gems are so pretty. They can be on your pashmina, or put on your coat lapel. Recently I went to a wedding were the bride had a gorgeous hair accessory on. When I asked her about her hair accessories and costume jewellery, she told me it was actually a crystal brooch!!What a great way to use a piece of costume jewellery I thought.

Brooches are an amazing accessory which is so underused- try one and see how addicted you can get to this little costume jewellery accessory.