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Buying costume jewellery and fashion accessories online has never been easier and so convenient. High street prices are generally so much more expensive since that have such high overheads, whereas online, costume jewellery and fashion accessory retailers can offer reduced price high quality costume jewellery, including cocktail rings, hair accessories and bridal jewellery, since we have reduced overheads.

If you need any help in buying costume jewellery, or have found somewhere else and are not really sure please do contact us and we will be happy to help. Feel free to browse our extensive range of costume jewellery on our online costume jewellery store, Shefaly | House of Jewels.


29 June

Crystal brooches

Brooches are the new must have accessory. Crystal brooches can be added to your coat lapel to add extra glamour to your oh so dull winter coat. It can also add a touch of class to your gorgeous pashmina that you wear on a night out.

Crystal brooches can also be worn as a wedding jewellery accessory, they can be worn on your shrug by the bride, or by anyone in the wedding party, as it adds just that little bit of class and elegance on your special day.

Costume jewellery has come a long way over the years, and crystal brooches are just one of the fabulous additions to the collection of beautiful costume jewellery available

Summer is well and truly here and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m loving the heat! Although we all love wearing our skimpy little outfits on hot summer days, you got to remember to accessorise girls, and don’t forget to wear your costume jewellery.

Even on a hot summer day you can wear costume jewellery or fashion jewellery. You can add a little cocktail ring like the daisy cocktail ring which is so summery. Or just add a little hair slide, like the litle sparkle in crystal hair slide, to your hair for a great look.

Or why not try some little crystal studs to really finish your look off. Whatever costume jewellery you wear, wear it with style this summer.


24 June

Wedding cufflinks

Cufflinks are an important accessory for any groom for their wedding day as its one of the few things that they have to think about! Wedding cufflinks are also important for the bridal party too, so cufflinks for ushers, cufflinks for father-of -the-bride and cufflinks for the best man.

What not try crystal wedding cufflinks? These can really add a touch of glamour and class to your outfit and overall look. And you can also match your crystal cufflinks to the colour theme for your wedding too. So you could try some pink crystal cufflinks and match this to your pink tie for example.

Our crystal cufflinks come in different colours and styles to reflect the type of person you are as a groom. And although we are writing about crystal cufflinks for men, our crystal cufflinks are unisex so are a great present for the women in your life too!



23 June

Crystal hair slides

Hair accessories are essential for any party costume jewellery, prom jewelry or bridal hair accessories. They can make your outfit and you look fabulous. And as far as hair jewellery goes, crystal hair slides are essential for everyone.

Large crystal hair slides can make your hair do look stunning. You can use large crystal hair slides to put your hair up whether it’s in a pony tail or sliding it onto your chignon. Even at the end of a French pleat your crystal hair slide can look gorgeous.

Small crystal hair slides can help keep your fringe out of your face at work, and can be a great accessory as bridesmaid’s jewellery or as prom jewelry, where the rest of your costume jewellery is kept to a minimum. Or just wear small crystal hair slides on an evening out!


22 June

Silver Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many colours, styles and finishes. These range from colourful reds, pinks and amber blues, to antique, silver and gold.

Out of all of these, the most popular is crystal costume Jewellery. This is because, originally the name costume jewellery was given to bright and bold pieces, today that is now regarded mainly as silver costume jewellery. Brides wear it as part of their outfit such as a crystal brooch, or crystal bracelet, or even a statement necklace or statement earrings. Bridesmaids benefit from the colour approach, and this can match the dress, such as baby pink or light blue.

Silver costume jewellery is fashionable, and even classifies as fashion jewellery in today’s high street. Large companies such as Swarovski have truly revolutionised this industry, and allowed the extravagant jewellery acceptable and marketable to the everyday lady alike.


21 June

Asian costume jewellery

Asian Costume jewellery is a must have accessory when it’s for Asian weddings and events. Asian weddings and events can be so flamboyant and colourful that you need to have pieces of Asian costume jewellery that can match practically every colourful outfit in your wardrobe, whether that’s earrings, cocktail rings or crystal necklace and earring sets.

Asian costume jewellery essentials include necklace and earring sets, cocktail rings and bracelets. But there are also those much forgotten pieces of costume jewellery like hair tikkas and panjas that are so necessary too.

So if you are ever lucky enough to be invited to an Asian wedding or event, there are three things to remember about your costume jewellery- bling, bold and colourful Asian costume jewellery.


20 June

Cheap bridal hair accessories

With the recession in full swing now we are all cutting back on our expenses so that we can save a little for the essentials in life. This can also mean that you might want to cut back a little on how much you spend on your wedding, especially you wedding jewellery and wedding accessories and more importantly you would need to have cheap bridal accessories for yourself or for your bridesmaids.

So instead of going for elaborate hair jewellery, why not try a couple of little hair slides or a couple of mini hair claws to accessorise your look?  Or just try adding a few crystal hair pins to your hair do to add some sparkle to your hair do.


19 June

Pearl Bridal Jewelry

As far as costume jewellery goes, whether it’s as wedding jewellery or as a fashion accessory, pearl bridal jewelry is one of those must have accessories for ever girl to have. However not everyone can afford pearls, so why not try pearl bridal jewelry instead.

Pearl costume jewelry are always seen on those who set the trends, from the fashionistas to celebrities, whether worn as a simple necklace and earring set or layered on and worn long.

Keep a look out on our website, as we are bringing in a whole new collection of pearl bridal jewelry this season. Pearl bridal jewelry is the hottest accessory to be seen in this season so make sure you get your pearl bridal jewelry to be so en vogue!


19 June

Bridal Hair pins

Never underestimate how important bridal hair pins are to your overall look when it comes to dressing up for your big day. Bridal hair pins can make or break the look of your hairstyle and also your dress.

When choosing your bridal hair pins you have to consider firstly what type of hair style you will have. If you have an up do you are spoilt for choice when it comes to your bridal hair pins. So you could have a gorgeous crystal hair comb on one side of your head and have crystal hair pins laced all over your hair, or one or two hair pins placed strategically on your hair to make it sparkle.

Bridal hair pins can also look good if you have a down do. If you use a lot of hair spray and maybe curl your hair you could really place a few bridal hair pins on your hair to make it look stunning.