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31 May

Cocktail Rings

Cocktail rings, or costume jewellery rings can vary in size, metal, stones, price and colour. This means that the number of choices out there in the high street or internet can leave you confused more then ever!

Here at Shefaly House of Jewels, we like to think we cater for all these variables better then anyone else! We have a many, many, many colours, sizes, and stones. Our collection consists of over 200 rings, and the prices are very reasonable! But, you are only offered the Shefaly design rings, and no other designers or precious stones.

We also love the collections by treasure box, and chezbec if your after a collection of designer brands and more premium value and quality.

One thing is for sure, be bold, thats what cocktail rings are all about!

Love, Shefaly

30 May

Wedding Costume Jewellery

With weddings happening all year round nowadays, although there is no true wedding season anymore; people seem to prefer to have their wedding in the spring or summer. So as you can imagine many brides are out there looking for their perfect costume jewellery to match their outfit.

When it come s to wedding costume jewellery, it’s really all about personal taste and what matches the Bride’s outfit. So you need to look at things like the neckline for example: if you have a plunging neckline you can imagine a drop necklace looking fabulous. Other things to look for is the colour of the costume jewellery- maybe you’re not a traditional bride and have gone for a colourful dress, why not contrast the dress with some colourful costume jewellery and accessories?!

Love, Shefaly

Silver costume jewellery is timeless. It can be worn with almost any outfit, and can be worn year after year without being a fashion no no!

Silver costume jewellery has been around for many years. Leading retailers such as Claires, Glitzysecrets, Treasure box and Shefaly are key web shops for this type of jewellery.

It can be worn as part of a work outfit, for a wedding or even for a party. This makes it great value for money!

We recommend you take a look for costume jewellery on the web, see what shops you can find, and share on this blog for all readers around the globe!

28 May

Summer Jewellery Trends 2009

example as extracted from

example as extracted from

As the fashion houses known to us all exhibit this years fashion trends, we keen as usual to understand the fashion jewellery aspect! Not only this, we want to fully understand the colours, themes, and sizes of all jewellery, so we can offer customers items with the same style, but at the more affordable price, with the Shefaly Jewellery design twist!

Key colours for costume jewellery and fashion jewellery for the coming season appears to be the bright colours, such as lilac, purples, and sunray yellows! The jewellery is bold, and loud, with rings and necklaces leading the way forward! This is to be in contrast to the outfit that is worn, so if you wear a simple outfit, then dress up with bright colours!

Love, Shefaly

22 May

Crystal brooches

Brooches are the new must have accessory. Crystal brooches can be added to your coat lapel to add extra glamour to your oh so dull winter coat. It can also add a touch of class to your gorgeous pashmina that you wear on a night out.

Crystal brooches can also be worn as a wedding jewellery accessory, they can be worn on your shrug by the bride, or by anyone in the wedding party, as it adds just that little bit of class and elegance on your special day.

Costume jewellery has come a long way over the years, and crystal brooches are just one of the fabulous additions to the collection of beautiful costume jewellery available.


20 May

Crystal bridal jewellery

Crystal jewellery is an essential item in all ladies jewellery boxes. But it’s even more essential to wear on your wedding day. Crystal bridal jewellery can more or less match any bridal dress, any themed wedding, and anybody in the bridal party.

For the bride, you have stunning crystal chandelier earrings, beautiful Swarovski crystal bracelets and astounding crystal sets. For the mother of the bride and the mother-in-law (as well as bridesmaids) crystal costume jewellery encompasses small crystal sets in a variety of colours to match their dresses, and beautiful crystal brooches. Even the groom can have very elegant Swarovski crystal cufflinks!

If you need help choosing you crystal bridal jewellery, drop us a line here at Shefaly.


19 May

Gold costume jewellery

Gold costume jewellery on the can be fabulous as wedding and bridal jewellery. It’s a traditional piece of costume jewellery that can really make your outfit look gorgeous. Gold is also a great colour to wear to a ball or Christmas party as it will sparkle more than silver costume jewellery, and if you normally wear silver jewellery you will really stand out in a crowd if you change to gold costume jewellery.

Whether you wear gold or silver costume jewellery, it does come to personal style at the end of the day, so wear your costume jewellery with style whatever you wear!


18 May

Costume jewellery for weddings abroad

Whether you are the bride, a bridesmaid or a guest attending a wedding abroad, you really should consider your costume jewellery as carefully as you would chose your outfit.

Things to consider when choosing your costume jewellery includes most importantly the weather in the country you will be visiting. If it’s a hot country, your costume jewellery should really stay as light as possible. So don’t layer on loads or costume jewellery that might make you all agitated. Try a statement piece of costume jewellery instead like a cocktail ring or statement earrings

Finally and most importantly consider the theme of the wedding. If it’s very simple then go for simple costume jewellery; if it’s got for example a Las Vegas themed wedding or an Asian themed wedding go for more elaborate costume jewellery.

Image courteousy of The Wedding Network


17 May

Statement costume jewellery

This year’s trend is statement costume jewellery. Statement costume jewellery are items of jewellery that are large pieces of costume jewellery and only one or two pieces are worn.

So example of statement costume jewellery could include a large cocktail ring like the Purple Crystal Bloom Cocktail ring. Or how about a statement bracelet, like the black hematite cuff bracelet. Another idea is to mix in a statement necklace like the Green Chic necklace with a stunning piece of hair jewellery.

Statement jewellery is all the rage this year, and is so the trend of choice for designers like YSL and Dior, so follow this trend by wearing statement costume jewellery.


15 May

Glamorous costume jewellery

Costume jewellery doesn’t have to be boring or something to wear when you really have to like on your wedding day. Glamorous costume jewellery is one of those items that you can buy at an affordable price and more or less were it every day!

Glamorous costume jewellery includes items such as gorgeous brooches, cocktail rings and sparkly earrings. But glamorous costume jewellery can come in so many different styles and shapes that even though it is glamorous it can still be used every day, like a small crystal brooch, or small crystal earrings.

I say wear any costume jewellery you own with style and grace, and you are bound to look a million dollars!