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30 April

Red carpet celebrity costume jewellery

All celebrities can be seen in some fabulous diamond necklace set or a gorgeous must have statement cocktail ring, but how do we get that same look without forking out a gazillion pounds for our jewellery?! Simple, buy some gorgeous red carpet jewellery.

Online fashion jewellery shops like us have some really up to date costume jewellery that can really help imitate the looks of the stars you love. For example, Mariah Carey can always be seen wearing a stunning butterfly cocktail ring encrusted with diamonds. You don’t have to spend a fortune when you can easily purchase the cocktail ring below form Shefaly | House of Jewels.

Or for beautiful chandelier earrings that can be seen on Beyonce or Cameron Diaz try the eva earrings in crystal.


29 April

Summer fashion Jewellery

Fusion multicolour is the fashion trend which has inspired the designers in 2009. Therefore all fashion jewellery should be bold, large, and have multiple colours if you are to follow the fashion houses, the high street and Gok Wan!!

The key fashion jewellery items that you should add to your jewellery box for this season would be fashion bracelets and bangles, large necklaces, and well as striking rings!

For a great collection we advise you to look at,, and


27 April

Sexy costume jewellery

Lingerie has its place for alluring your man, whether it be in the bedroom, or showing a bid of that bra strap in a bar! But jewellery has its place in this scene, except many woman fail to exploit this.

For example, when you’re dressed up in the bedroom, with your hair all illustrious, and that devilish outfit, finish off this perfect look with a delicate silver necklace, and light, dainty earrings. These are the ultimate night time jewellery, before its really time for bed.

As for the bar, and showing that guy your interested in, don’t just draw his attention to your bra strap or the off the shoulder look, try one of those jewelled bra straps for the attention grabbing look!

We love jewellery from, as well as from our site,

25 April

Brooches and the fashion uses of them

Brooches have a wide range of uses. From placing a lovely crystal brooch on a dress for that perfect finish, to taking it off and adding it to a handbag for adding glamour to a plan evening handbag! Further, they have their wide uses as to when they can be used, such as a small dragon fly at work to compliment your jacket, to a large Catherine wheel brooch to add glam to an evening dress or for a cocktail party!

Dont forget that a brooch also has its place in marriage. All brides should take that extra step and use brooches to finish the bridal look, along with a tiara and set!

Brooches range from small simple black ones, to large bold ones in multicolour shouting SEE ME! They type that you like is the best advice, don’t ¬†wear one that you are not comfortable with, but do wear one!!! Its the growing fashion trend from the 70′s.


23 April

Costume jewellery for work

Costume jewellery doesn’t have to be just for parties or weddings, it can also make you look fantastic at work, and be noticed by your bosses! Costume jewellery for work can encompass all that you see for weddings and party wear but also the more demure items that you wouldn’t otherwise wear to parties or weddings.

Well what can you wear to work then? How about a gorgeous sparkly cocktail ring like the Athena in crystal cocktail ring? Or a little crystal hair slide that you can wear in your hair but also keep your oh so fashionable fringe out of the way. You can also wear a crystal pony holder as a hair accessory.

Or how about adding a little brooch to your black suit. Dazzle them all with a little bit of sparkle!


22 April

Gold Costume Jewellery

Costume jewellery comes in many colours, styles and finishes: every girl is spoilt for choice with costume jewellery but there can only be one of two finishes gold or silver costume jewellery, with gold costume jewellery being more popular than ever nowadays.

Today, gold costume jewellery is very common as it really does add a sparkle to a night out or as wedding jewellery or even as work jewellery! Brides wear it as part of their outfit such as a gold brooch, or gold bangle, or even a statement necklace or statement earrings.

Gold costume jewellery is fashionable, and even classifies as fashion jewellery in today’s high street. Large companies such as Swarovski have truly revolutionised this industry, and allowed extravagant jewellery acceptable and marketable to for everyone to wear.


21 April

Wholesale costume jewellery

We are firm believers in costume jewellery and fashion jewellery being affordable and available to all out there so, as an online retailer, we have fewer overheads than that of other companies and therefore can pass these reduced savings onto our customers. 

Even though many companies nowadays are worried about the credit crunch and what it will do to their business, we still see many new shops opening up or even more popular, costume jewellery parties taking place. These are all ways in which women or men can help earn a little extra cash for their household whilst thoroughly enjoying themselves with their friends and family.

Contact us at Shefaly | House of Jewels and we will be happy to go over your needs whether you are looking for bridal costume jewellery, fashion accessories or men’s cuff links.


20 April

Essential summer fashion accessories

This summer there are certain fashion accessories and costume jewellery that a girl should definitely have in her wardrobe to match her harem pants and washed out denim.

Why not add a gorgeous stretch bracelet to your look this summer. Not only will it add instant colour to your outfit but can also be worn at night, during the day or even to a barbecue. Or you can add a gorgeous little hair slide to your hair. Not only are hair accessories a fabulous way to create a new look, but also updates any look, especially if you are trying to get the romantic look that’s so in this coming season.

So why not chose some new costume jewellery or fashion jewellery to update your wardrobe from season to season?!


16 April

Stretch bracelets are fabulous

Stretch bracelets are fabulous! Bracelets are the one item of costume jewellery that you can buy over and over again and not have to worry about it going out of fashion whilst not having to worry about the cost.

Stretch bracelets can fit any wrist size as they are stretchable and therefore are suitable for all, more so than other types of bracelets. Also, because many of them contain acrylic stones with very small Swarovski crystals it makes them lighter to wear, especially in hot summer months.

Why not have a look at our fabulous new range of stretch bracelets just in!


14 April

What to wear to Summer Weddings

Summer wedding season is just around the corner, and so is a much needed heat wave (we hope!). So when it comes to having your own summer wedding or attending a summer wedding, you’ll need to buy the right costume jewellery so that you don’t feel all hot and bothered with heavy pieces of costume jewellery.

So why not stick to this year’s trend of statement costume jewellery as a way to accessorise your outfit. This entails wearing one or two pieces of extra special costume or fashion jewellery, that’s big and bold enough to make you look stunning. This could be a pair of chandelier earrings with a cocktail ring or a fabulous bracelet with a cocktail ring.

Whatever you decide to wear, create your own unique look with statement costume jewellery.