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With weddings happening all year round nowadays, although there is no true wedding season anymore; people seem to prefer to have their wedding in the spring or summer. So as you can imagine many brides are out there looking for their perfect costume jewellery to match their outfit.

When it come s to wedding costume jewellery, it’s really all about personal taste and what matches the Bride’s outfit. So you need to look at things like the neckline for example: if you have a plunging neckline you can imagine a drop necklace looking fabulous. Other things to look for is the colour of the costume jewellery- maybe you’re not a traditional bride and have gone for a colourful dress, why not contrast the dress with some colourful costume jewellery and accessories?!

But it’s not only the bride who has to think about what costume jewellery she will wear on the big day. There is also the mother of the bride and groom and the bridesmaids. They all need to wear what they are comfortable in. The bridesmaids can defiantly go for colourful costume jewellery if they are wearing colourful dresses. Purple is a very in colour for spring and summer so you could try some gorgeous purple costume jewellery.

And finally, if you are attending a wedding, who says you can’t glam yourself up a little! Buy some costume jewellery to wear to the wedding and you could be just as stunning as the bride! Or if you want to go for just one piece of costume jewellery, make sure you stick to this year’s trend of one piece of statement jewellery, whether it’s a bracelet, statement earrings or a cocktail ring.


Can you believe the 2009 Oscars have come and gone already!? We were keeping a keen eye on what the celebrities decided to wear, especially when it came to the jewellery since we wanted to show our readers what costume jewellery they could get which is just so affordable and also in a similar style to what the stars were wearing.

One of the main trends seen on the red carpet was the prominence of statement pieces. Most of the stars chose to wear one or two pieces of jewellery that were striking without looking overdone. So you may decide to emulate this look by wearing costume jewellery in this way: wear a cuff bracelet and earrings, or a large statement necklace to maximise the glamorous look.

Image courteousy of

Some are even saying that this look, one of wearing one or two statement jewellery pieces, is due to the credit crunch!! We can all see this as a great money saver- just buy one costume jewellery piece, but make it large and bling, like the Swarovski crystal cuff bracelet, and make this your statement costume jewellery piece.

When it comes to the colours that seemed to make an appearance on the red carpet, silver seems to be the main colour chosen by the stars rather than gold, which is great for us as we can all find this as affordable costume jewellery.

So if you would like to copy your favourite stars style, go for one key piece of costume jewellery, with simple styling. For example, we saw Kate Winslet wear a gorgeous diamond bracelet and earrings, and you can get this look by trying the crystal garland bracelet and crystal fairy tale earrings.

We also saw Angelina Jolie in gorgeous emerald drop earrings with a matching green emerald cocktail ring. But once again even though there was a plunging neckline and no sleeves on her dress, there wasn’t a necklace or bracelet in sight. Such a classic look that you can get too. Try the Green Cascade earrings and green crystal oval cocktail ring.

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Think you have to spend like a celebrity to look stunning? From earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and hair accessories, has the look you crave for less.


23 February

Bollywood costume jewellery

Well done to the cast and crew of Slumdog Millionaire on wining so many Oscars last night! Britain and India couldn’t be prouder. And for this reason I thought I’d write about Bollywood costume jewellery.

Slumdog millionaire has bought into like India and all things Indian including Bollywood and Bollywood fashion, including Bollywood costume jewellery. Bollywood costume jewellery is very much like Asian costume jewellery or Indian costume jewellery. It’s very glamorous, colourful and stunning. Bollywood stars wear costume jewellery in films and in day to day life as they are as glamorous and trendsetting as Hollywood stars. 


Bollywood costume jewellery is a unique style of jewellery, and should suit a person’s personality and style. So if you like to have statement costume jewellery then you go for the large necklace end earring sets or cocktail rings, but if you prefer a more demure look go for smaller earrings and perhaps a crystal bracelet. And the colours of the costume jewellery does not need to be the same colour or match your outfit as many Indian outfits have so many different colours that you are better off contrasting the colour of your outfit with your costume jewelry.

If you need any help in deciding what costume jewellery or Bollywood costume jewelry you want to wear with any outfit why not post a comment below and we’ll help you the best we can!


21 February

Indian Costume jewellery

Whether its wedding costume jewellery or day to day jewellery, costume jewellery is for everyone for any day of the week. But we do see that Indian costume jewellery is slightly different in its style and colours than that of normal costume jewellery that we see on the high street or even on other online costume jewellery shop.

For weddings or for other occasions Indian women and men love wearing costume jewellery, and with all the colours that are on their outfits they really can go all out there with statement costume jewellery pieces. Not only can Indian costume jewellery have bold colours like fluorescent pinks and greens but can also be tremendously large: especially when it comes to Indian bridal jewellery!

Indian costume jewellery is normally worn when there are parties are weddings to attend. The costume jewellery is matched to the colours that the individual is wearing, and this can be gold plated or silver plated. Just over ten to fifteen years ago, Asians could hardly ever be seen in costume jewellery it had to be real gold jewellery, not even silver! But nowadays it is the norm to be seen in costume jewellery, especially since you can have such wonderful costume jewellery made from Swarovski crystals.

Why not give our readers some food for thought on your experiences with costume jewellery by writing a comment below?


Costume jewellery comes in many different shapes sizes and above all colours. But the most trendiest and stunning costume jewellery for the next season is purple. All the designers show cased purple as a huge hit for their clothes line as well as costume jewellery.

There are many different shades of purple that can be seen on the catwalks. Softer shades of lilac, lavender were seen on Moschino’s catwalk. These lighter shades are very much the in colour for Spring/Summer ’09 and also the purple trend has carried on into Autumn/Winter ’09 too, but in darker shades.

So what type of costume jewellery should you have in your jewellery box for this Spring and Summer that is the perfect hue of purple. Well, since statement pieces are still very much a trend, why not try accentuating your outfit with a statement cocktail ring in purple, like the Purple Cats Eye cocktail ring. Or another statement costume jewellery piece would be the Purple Cuff Bracelet which makes a great accessory for the evening.

Or why not try the most elaborate of all statement jewellery pieces, the statement necklace. Shefaly does a range of necklaces that are just perfect for this, including the Purple Haze Necklace and the Purple Champagne Necklace and earring set.

Whatever you decide to wear this coming season, wear it with style with the House of Jewels Jewellery.


Fashion jewellery is jewellery that is following a current trend. That is, what trends have been passed from the catwalks to the high street that will be ever changing. This can range from wooden cuff bracelets, beaded necklaces or large chunky rings. Shefaly | House of Jewels has a stunning range of fashion jewellery and costume jewellery for all you trend setters out there.

Fashion jewellery includes designer ranges like Pilgrim jewellery or Mikey jewellery. But this is not always the case as many other companies also sell fashion jewellery to encompass a range of exciting new designs like necklace and earring sets and hair accessories that are designed in house and are exclusive to the company, like Shefaly | House of Jewels, making it designer jewellery too.

Fashion jewellery also has a finer side to it by encompassing our fabulous range called the Anjouxx collection. This range is made from gorgeous crystals and rhodium plating with designs that are out of this world.

Whatever you decide to wear when it comes to fashion and costume jewellery, wear it with style, and wear what feels comfortable on you and you are sure to dazzle all around you!


16 February

Wedding costume jewellery

Choosing your wedding jewellery is just as important as choosing your wedding dress and you need to consider all your options before buying or borrowing costume jewellery. But we here at the House of Jewels are going to make it easier for you!

You can always borrow your wedding costume jewellery from a friend or family member. This may even turn out to be vintage costume jewellery which would be so stunning. It could be the talk of your reception, although you do not want the vintage costume jewellery to outdo the dress.

A lot of people nowadays opt for purchasing their jewellery. Many love to go simple by just wearing chandelier earrings and a bracelet, or a simple pearl necklace and earrings. Some however love sparkly accessories and therefore go for costume jewellery like what you see in the Anjouxxx Collection. These costume jewellery pieces are

This exclusive range of costume jewellery is designed with Cameron Diaz & Catherine Zeta-Jones in mind. Its style is opulent and of the highest quality. The costume jewellery is hand crafted, many from sterling silver, and contains glass crystals, Swarovski crystals or Austrian Crystals. The elegant and dazzling designs compliment the use of these stones, and is the type of costume jewellery you can pass onto a loved one. This type of costume jewellery is also fabulous as wedding jewellery, and even though you may be paying a premium for this collection of costume jewellery, you can wear it so many times that the cost becomes minute in relation to the wears you can get out of it!


As mentioned in our previous blogs, hair accessories are the must have accessory, whether you are a fashionista or whether you are just looking for hair accessories for your wedding day. One great hair accessory is the hair grip- hair grip for short hair or hair grips for long hair; you cannot go wrong with hair grips as a hair accessory.

When we say hair grips this encompasses a few different types including hair slides and hair claws. Hair slides can come in different sizes. The best ones for both short hair and long hair are the medium to small range of hair slide. For example the little sparkle hair slide is the perfect hair accessory for both long hair and short hair, and comes in a range of different colours to match whatever you are wearing or whatever your colouring is.

Or why not try hair claws as a hair grip. They can be used to grip your hair into place in several different places or just to tie half your hair up and leave the rest down in flowing loose locks.

Hair grips are so versatile and they look fabulous on girls and women of all ages. In fact they also make great hair accessories for flower girls or bridesmaids.

Have a look at our complete range of hair accessories click here.


9 February

Wholesale costume jewellery

Whether you have a high street store or an online costume jewellery shop, you need a wholesale costume jewellery to buy your costume jewellery from to make sure you are ahead of the fashion and trends. Now you can get wholesale costume jewellery and wholesale fashion jewellery at fantastic prices. As an online retailer we have fewer overheads than that of other companies and therefore can pass these reduced savings onto our customers. 

Our minimum quantities are low as well as the price of our costume jewellery so you can be guaranteed that even with the credit crunch you will get some fantastic prices for the costume jewellery therefore being able to pass on these savings to your customers. We still see many new shops opening up or even more popular, jewellery parties taking place. These are all ways in which women or men can help earn a little extra cash for their household whilst thoroughly enjoying themselves with their friends and family.

It’s not only our costume jewellery that really makes great pieces in a shop, but also crystal cuff links. And with the majority of our cufflinks encrusted with Swarovski crystals you really cannot go wrong with this high quality costume jewellery.

Contact us at Shefaly | House of Jewels and we will be happy to go over your needs whether you are looking for bridal costume jewellery, fashion accessories or men’s cuff links.


5 February

Hair costume jewellery

Hair accessories are the must have costume jewellery for this coming season. Be it hair slides, pony holders, hair bands or hair chopsticks, this should be an essential part of your spring/summer costume jewellery collection.

Why not try adding a gorgeous little sparkle hair slide to your luscious loose locks, or wear a hair comb in a French pleat on your wedding. For little girls we have the beautiful mini winged beauty hair claw, or for bridesmaids the gorgeous sparkly crystal hair band. For those of you who like to have your hair up and out of the way, wear your hair up in a pony whilst sparkling with a stunning crystal pony holder.

Hair costume jewellery can be used on so many different hair styles including French pleats, hair buns or just luscious loose locks. You can pin your hair up with hair combs, hair slides, hair claws, hair pins, hair chopsticks, tiaras and hair bands.