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6 January

Antique Costume Jewellery

Antique Costume jewellery or vintage costume jewellery has been around for so many years now. Forever women have been trying to find that beautiful vintage dress, what better way to complement this then with some vintage costume jewellery which is more readily available then ever before! Costume jewellery is the root of the modern day vintage jewellery.

Antique costume jewellery is normally items such as large bold necklace sets, which boldly and beautifully complements a vintage dress or outfit. This is also supplemented by vintage cocktail rings, and large crystal brooches. Colours for these items vary from vintage imagery, and dark colours such as bottle greens and midnight blue.

Many online and high street stores have a large variety of costume jewellery with a vintage twist. This includes high street stores such as Monsoon, and online stores such as shefaly house of jewels. Prices tend to vary from store to store and quality, this tends to be between £10 to £150 as a guide price.

Many celebrities also wear vintage costume jewellery to movie premiers, this represents the iconic fashion level of such jewellery.